Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Steyn On Population Growth

Mark Steyn who often fills in for Rush Limbaugh and is far more entertaining, not to mention the person who looks least like his voice in human history, has been doing a series of YouTube videos that are fun and he recently posted one based on a chart from Steve Sailer at vdare, African Population Explosion: The Graph That Explains the 2015 Migrant Crisis. The chart has to do with the projected population growth of Europe and Africa over the remainder of the century and looks like this:

Why is this important? The resources of Africa are so strained right now that it is a serious crisis, the same basic crisis that has been going on in Africa since I was a kid. Too many people, too little food, too little infrastructure to get aid where it needs to go and too many revolutions, violence and corrupt leaders. That is only going to get worse, not better over the next 75 years.

I recognize that a lot of people think of Vdare as a White supremacist/xenophobic site or some other such nonsense but it turns out that I don't care. Where are those billions of Africans going to live if not Africa and it can't be Africa because what will they eat? According to Steve Sailer, they are going a) figure out a way to find population equilibrium or b) flood in ever greater numbers in Europe or c) find balance via war or mass starvation on a scale we have never seen. Call me crazy but seeing pictures of millions starving to death is worse than someone calling me a racist. Give Steyn's video a watch, it is sobering stuff.

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