Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Climate change is in full effect here in northeast Indiana based on our five day forecast....

Yes, yes, I know. Weather is not climate (except when it is) but it is really cold.

I know that in spite of this that climate change is true because scientists say so and get super angry when anyone questions them. The response you get to legitimate questions is somewhere south of KJV-Only types on the scale of irrational, frothing at the mouth outrage. "You can't ask questions, because SCIENCE!". After all, everyone knows that scientists are never wrong, like seriously and completely wrong, and they are never, ever influenced by their own political beliefs and the desire to keep their funding flowing in so they don't have to get real jobs. What makes self-proclaimed elites and intellectuals angrier than anything else is when regular people don't take them seriously. It drives them bonkers. Even worse is when people they consider their inferiors make fun of them. All of which simply encourages me to do so. Make no mistake, behind Bill Nye the "Science" Guy, the rest of the climate change inquisitors, the Black Lives Matter folks, the "Fight for $15" people, etc. are the same group of neo-Marxists who don't give a rip about black lives or the environment or how much janitors make. They are only concerned with a wholesale dismantling of our economic system and Western civilization. That isn't "science", it is just old fashioned Leftist politics.
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