Thursday, May 11, 2017

I Would Have Thought That A Helmsman For An Intergalactic Space Exploration Vehicle Would Be Better At Math

George Takei, once a beloved character on a nostalgic TV show, Star Trek, who has since become a social media giant famous for tweeting/Facebooking funny cat videos and not so funny ignorant political rants, seems incapable of adding 2 plus 2 and coming up with 4. For example on Mr. Sulu Takei's Twitter feed there was this post on May 6th:

I would agree that it is horrific. I strongly oppose the militant gay rights movement as destructive to our society and the gay lifestyle is destructive to those involved in it but it is a criminal act to murder people for having a homosexual lifestyle. But then a few days later George posts this:

What George seems unable to connect here are some pretty obvious dots. Muslims probably do face some discrimination in America, although I strongly doubt it is anywhere near as severe or prevalent as they would like you to believe. I used to work in the town just south of Dearborn, Michigan and many of my customers at the bank were Middle Eastern and they seemed to get along just fine. In fact every new group to a nation experiences some discrimination, as my Irish and Polish ancestors did but they overcome it. On the other hand, in nations where Muslims are a majority, like Chechnya (95% in the Chechen capital of Grozny), people like this gay teen and people like George Takei for that matter, get thrown off of buildings for being homosexual. George is so very concerned about this gay teen and presumably about the reported "gay concentration camps" in Chechnya but doesn't seem to make the connection that the reason these camps exist is that Chechnya is a majority Muslim nation. 

For people like George Takei, Muslims in America are an oppressed minority that they should stand in solidarity with, encourage the importation of and expect to have their friendship reciprocated. I would like to ask George what he thinks life for people like him will be like as the number of Muslims increases. Are there any Muslim majority countries that he and his "partner" would feel comfortable living in? It seems to me that homosexuals make the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" error when it comes to Islam. Homosexuals see normal people, specifically White men, as their enemy because they perceive that they discriminate against them carrying out their homosexual behavior. They likewise see those same White, straight, presumably Christian, men are the enemies of Islam so solidarity with Muslims creates a coalition, a united front against straight White men. The reality is that I don't think that Muslims see homosexuals as true allies, just as allies of convenience. As the Soviets found out in World War II, if you aren't careful about who you make alliances with, you might find them turning on you once you stop being useful. 
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