Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What Did You Expect?

President Trump is constantly squabbling with the media and various nobodies over just about anything, any perceived slight, any hint of resistance to his agenda. His family members are under attack for ridiculous reasons and people who never shopped at Nordstrom in the first place are threatening a boycott. Trump's National Security advisor resigned after all of a month because he lied about discussing a lifting of sanctions with a Russian official. There is violence in the streets over anyone who dares even express a slight agreement with Trump, almost exclusively from the political Left. It seems pretty obvious that the White House is in a constant state of chaos and that chaos has spread all over the place. Never in my memory has a President or any other public figure sucked all of the air out the room like Trump. It seems like every news story is about Trump or has some connection to him.

Well. What did you expect?

Remember if you will that at one time the Republicans had something like a dozen serious candidates for President, some very solid contenders. Thanks to decades of broken promises and business as usual policies that grew the government and crushed the middle and working class, people revolted and nominated a populist, nationalist egomaniacal reality TV star and businessman. On the other side the Left offered up the most corrupt person imaginable, literally a terrible person who really epitomizes all that is wrong with politics in America coupled with a screechy voice and a general aura of being someone you instinctively dislike. Is it any wonder that we are where we are?

Trump is not a random event, he is the culmination of decades of mismanagement on one hand and the dumbing down and coarsening of our culture on the other hand. He is, in short, precisely the sort of President we deserve and in many ways is precisely the sort of President we need. Not because he Tweets random stuff at 3 AM but because he is such a cataclysmic shock to a staid system where Republicans talked about cutting the size of government, defending the rights of the unborn and protecting the American people and ended up doing none of those things while no doubt laughing behind closed doors with their faux enemy Democrats who kept power by lying to working class Whites, minorities and women.

We went into the election with two of the worst possible people in the country to lead us and ended up with Trump, who might do some good stuff like his court nominations and his enforcement of border integrity and immigration laws, but most of that will be overshadowed by a typhoon of goofiness and some genuinely bad decisions. I like a lot of what Trump is doing and I love how insanely upset liberals are about it and the way their true (violent and intolerant) colors are showing but I am still frustrated by his lack of focus and his pettiness but that comes with the package.

It isn't news to point out that Trump is the source of chaos in what promises to be the craziest Administration in history. It's what we should have expected and it is precisely what we are getting. So you might want to pace yourself and ration your outrage because it is going to be a wild and very, very long four years.
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