Saturday, December 10, 2016

Race And Exit Polls

One of the big media narratives on Election night and for weeks every since was the so-called "under-educated white vote", which means basically white people without a college degree, as if that is the best determining factor for whether one is educated or not. As the exit polls reported by CNN show below, Trump did win a very substantial percentage of white voters without a college degree, 66% overall and 71% of men...

So that means Trump won because of "whitelash" but under-educated white voters, right? Well not so fast. Trump also won among college educated white voters, 48% to 45% and especially among men with 53%. So the only white voters Hillary Clinton carried were college educated white women but even there, in what should have been a strong category for her, she only got 51% to Trump's 44%. A lot of pundits have spent a lot of time and effort talking about this. What isn't talked about is the breakdown of the black vote. See below....

As is typical, Hillary won a huge percentage of the black vote, 89% overall and a whopping 94% among black women. Which raises a question, why is Trump winning an overwhelming percentage of non-college educated white men a major topic of conversation in the chattering class when a much greater percentage of black vote votes for Hillary doesn't really warrant even a mention? The simple answer is that it isn't newsworthy. The black vote always goes overwhelmingly for the Democrats. In 2008 the overall black vote went 95% for Obama and 93% in 2012, according to CNN. In essence an entire race is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat party.

Of course it is assumed that this is the case because everyone knows that black interests are only represented by Democrats. What that means in practice is that it is assumed that all black voters want more and bigger government. Maybe that is true but maybe it is not. It is the very essence of racism to assume that all blacks want more government because all blacks are convinced that they can only get ahead if someone else is giving them something "for free". This mindset is poisonous and it is far more insidious and dangerous than the alleged "alt-right" support for Trump because it is so ingrained and pervasive. To even suggest a different viewpoint than the prevailing one is to invite charges of racism if you are white or failure to be a "real" black if you are black.

In a politically charged climate where accusations of "fake news" and shadowy Russkie agents and recounts based on vague charges of hacking when no evidence exists of anything of the sort happening dominate the news and are doing a splendid job of prolonging the rancor of a particularly ugly election season, it is still worth our time to ask some of the harder and more piercing questions. As the years have gone by, the once reliable white working class, union guys and others, have moved from the Democrats to the Republicans. Sure the union leadership by and large still make the right noises about supporting Democrats but thanks to the Obama administration waging war on the sort of jobs union guys work at, this last election it didn't seem if union leaders were working very hard to elect Hillary. Meanwhile the rank and file have largely abandoned the Democrats as they have come to see that beyond the rhetoric the Democrats are largely the party of the super-rich and the dependency class and has no interest in working class people of any color other than offering them welfare and food stamps when their jobs disappear. I am hoping that more and more black Americans will likewise start to wonder just what exactly Democrats have done for blacks. I think the answer might just shock and dismay them.
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