Friday, November 4, 2016

They were just emails, what is the big deal?

When President Clinton was impeached back in the 90's, the left and their lapdogs in the media very quickly managed to change the narrative. Pretty soon it was "it is just sex, what is the big deal?'. What this conveniently ignored is that President Clinton was not impeached because he had sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky. In the oval office. Ugh. Anyway, the reason he was impeached is that he was questioned under oath about a sexual harassment case in front of a grand jury and that question came up and he lied about it. We call that perjury. While he was impeached in the House, the Senate failed to do so and he remained in office although he had his law license suspended because of his illegal behavior. The media did such a good job of changing the narrative that I would bet if you could find a younger person (or even a lot of older people) that actually know Bill Clinton used to be President and even more unlikely know he was impeached, the vast majority of them would think he was impeached because of his sexual escapades with a White House intern, not for lying under oath, committing perjury and obstructing justice. A sitting President lies under oath and gets away with it and no one seems to remember. 

The same thing is happening now. The narrative has changed from Hillary Clinton storing and sending classified emails from a private, apparently ramshackle email server, exposing state secrets to hackers which apparently actually did happen and then misleading and outright lying about it later to the new, improved narrative that "They were just emails, what is the big deal?". The big deal is that she did something someone with an 8th grade education should have known was unsecure which violated the implicit trust someone who is one of the top officials in  the Federal government is assumed to have , she lied about it repeatedly, somehow those emails ended up on Anthony Weiner's laptop along with pictures of his fella parts he was sending to a 15 year old girl and her apparent inability to recall even a single detail about it. If you can't be responsible with sending emails, how can you be responsible to negotiate with foreign powers and have access to the nuclear launch codes?

As pertinent as her mishandling of classified information ought to be for voters (Does "C" stand for classified? I thought it stood for cookie and that's good enough for me.), what is really reflected by Mrs. Clinton's blatant disregard for national security is the ongoing, decades long pattern she and her husband have exhibited of seeing themselves as above the law. They have lied, cheated and prostituted themselves to the highest bidder for decades and become filthy rich in doing so. I have no issue with someone becoming rich, but I do have an issue with someone using their political influence to become rich selling access to foreign governments. 

Donald Trump is a pig and a boor and has said outrageous, indefensible stuff. Hillary Clinton has done far worse and is the co-head of what can only be described as a criminal syndicate. I can understand not voting for Trump but to vote for someone as repulsive as Hillary Clinton is morally indefensible. 
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