Wednesday, September 28, 2016

President Narcissus Strikes Again

America's most self-centered, ego-maniacal President in modern history threw a hissy fit today because, *GASP!*, the United States Congress exercised it's Constitutional authority to override his veto of a bill allowing the families of 9/11 victims to go to court and sue Saudi Arabia. Note please that it does not guarantee any compensation, it merely gives these citizens the right to address an alleged wrong in a court of law, a basic right under, you guessed it, our Constitutional system of government. It wasn't really close. The Senate voted 97-1, with only irrelevant crony Harry Reid to cast a sycophantic and empty gesture vote against. The House voted 348-77 to override his veto. Again, this ability is a central part of the checks and balances system that President Obama so loathes.

The backlash by the Hectorer-In-Chief was swift and predictable. White House Mouth of Sauron spokesman Josh Earnest called it an embarrassment:

“I would venture to say that this is the single most embarrassing thing that the United States Senate has done, possibly, since 1983,” Obama spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters aboard Air Force One.

If he thinks that is the most embarrassing thing the Senate has done in the last 33 years, he is not really paying attention. You could pretty much pick any action taken by the Senate on a random day and find something more embarrassing. Again,  the real outrage here is not the veto per se but the idea that the peasants in the United States Congress should show such contempt for their Glorious Leader and His Divine Will. I mean really, how dare the ignorant, unwashed Congressmen question the decree of President Obama? Don't they know that He rules from on high by Divine Mandate, or in other words by His Own Will?

The Dear Leader Himself weighed in, calling the veto a "mistake". Of course anything anyone does at any time that is not blessed by Himself is of course a mistake. He complained that it was, again *GASP!*, a POLITICAL VOTE! A political vote?! In a political body?! Cast by....politicians?! Thwarting another politicians, er, Imperial Majesty?! The horror of it all!

He went on (of course, my emphasis):

Obama did, however, say “all of us still carry the scars and trauma of 9/11,” acknowledging that the victims of the attacks deserve support and compensation for their losses. The White House administration established a victim’s compensation fund. Regardless, the president said he feels the law could have a damaging impact on the U.S. 

Obama told Tapper that the U.S. has set up a “status of forces agreements,” which guarantees that any deployed U.S. troops are protected from similar private lawsuits — a deal that is acknowledged by several countries because the U.S. honors it with them as well.

Ah, I see. Someone else commits a terrorist attack on American soil, murdering almost 3000 American citizens, supported and funded in all likelihood by a foreign government and of course their families should be compensated!

By their fellow Americans. 

Read that again. American citizens should have to pay to compensate other American citizens for a terrorist attack by foreigners with the support of foreign governments. That is kind of like making he family of a murder victim reimburse the murderer for the cost of the bullets.

America is responsible for compensating Americans murdered by foreigners. Only in the fever swamp of Obama's imagination does that not cause outrage.

If we are concerned about other countries suing our troops who are deployed there, then I have a swell idea. Don't deploy our troops there. They don't get sued and we save a ton of money. Win, win!

Maybe it was a political stunt but I would rather that our citizens get their day in court than have the Administration sweep Saudi involvement under the rug. I mean sure, the Saudi's are our buddies (except for women visiting their kingdom) and buy lots of guns from us that they use to starve and slaughter people in Yemen but that all pales compared to the embarrassment felt by our Luminous Star.

Never in my memory has their ever been a man who is so unsuited to the job of President than Barack Obama. He is simply too small of a man to hold the highest office in this land or any other.
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