Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Political Correctness Is Killing People

A brief note.

I check out the Chicago Tribune periodically to see what happened over the weekend in what is turning out to be an incredibly violent year that seems to mostly impact minorities. Not just gang members or drug dealers but little kids. According to a separate story, 27 children have been shot so far this year in Chicago. This number only includes those 13 and under so it doesn't include 17 year old minors involved in gun violence. So the latest from last weekend showed that the carnage is proceeding unchecked: 52 shot: Pace of gun violence in Chicago remains high over another weekend. The article points out that this is a trend:

Between Friday evening and early Monday morning, at least 52 were shot and nine of them were killed, according to police. The weekend before, 49 people were shot, nine of them fatally. And the weekend before that, 52 people were shot, seven of them fatally.

Three weekends. 153 people shot, 25 of them fatally. That is just the weekends. When I read a little further I saw this (emphasis mine):

As he has many times, (Chicago police superintendent) Johnson called for stricter prison sentences for repeat illegal gun offenders. Efforts over the years in Springfield to impose mandatory minimum sentences for people caught with an illegal gun have been stalled by lawmakers who felt such guidelines would disproportionately affect African-Americans and other minorities

Without revealing specifics, Johnson said a new bill in the works in Springfield would enable judges to impose more sentences on the higher end of the range for felons convicted more than once of carrying a gun illegally.

What?! Guess how else minorities are "disproportionately affected"....you guessed it, they are the majority of victims of violent crime carried out often by other minorities, most of whom I presume have illegal guns given the ridiculous gun laws in Chicago that yield us 153 people shot in three weekends.

Activists are more concerned about a minority getting caught with an illegal gun (which is against the law, hence the "illegal" part) than they are about other minorities, many of whom are not carrying an illegal gun and often seem to not be engaged in illegal activity, getting shot. In other words, these PC champions would rather a six year girl get shot, as happened last weekend, than an adult criminal who is actively breaking the law get arrested for...breaking the law. It is without question in my mind that some or many people who might not have been shot have ended up in the hospital or the morgue because of this political correctness run amok. People, again largely minority, riot and burn down their own neighborhoods when a black man pointing a gun at a black police officer gets himself shot but they have nothing to say to the Al Sharpton's/Jesse Jackson's/ Black Lives Matter people who have frightened law makers into this level of suicidal foolishness. I don't imagine many mothers stand over the graves of their slain son or daughter and think "Well at least minorities are not being disproportionately affected by stricter laws against possessing an illegal gun".

Wake up people. These clowns who are always yammering on TV and shaking people down for money don't care a whit about black kids getting killed. All they care about is fattening their own wallet and seeing their mug on TV.

Even in this day and age there aren't many news stories that are as infuriating as this one.
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