Monday, June 27, 2016

When You've Lost George Will, You've Lost...Well Not All That Much Actually

The conservative world was deeply shaken by the announcement from George Will that he was taking his political ball and going home, officially leaving the Republican party over it's presumed nomination of Donald Trump for President.

What's that? No one cared and barely noticed? Huh.

George Will is sorta like David Brooks. He is what leftists in liberal enclaves consider to be a representative conservative. Of course very few people outside of those liberal enclaves would agree. As someone who is reasonably attentive to the political scene I can say with some authority that George Will hasn't been relevant or taken seriously for a very long time. Again like David Brooks, the "conservative" counter-part to screechy E.J. Dionne on NPRs Friday political round-up that mostly gives milquetoast responses to Dionne's ravings, Will was little more than a tamed, well behaved captive "conservative" that could be counted on to not hold any discomforting opinions.

I don't really think that the GOP is worse off for losing the fancy pants lightweight Will. and he was a tame "conservative" for certain people and was a "conservative" that fellow "conservatives" in New York or D.C. could admit to reading but for the vast majority of conservatives he was far less influential than....well than just about any other media voice out there. Trump is still the nominee for better or worse and the handful of people who care what George Will thinks are already likely committed to voting for Hillary Clinton who can be counted on to keep things pretty much the way they are.

His petulant announcement seemed more like the genteel rage of someone who thinks they are far more important than they are or ever were, not realizing that being invited to all of the cool cocktail parties in D.C. doesn't equate to influence in conservative circles. I have come to realize a long time ago that many of the urban, chic leadership of the GOP doesn't understand and is more than a little frightened of the bulk of Republican voters, the people who live in places like Nebraska and Alabama, people who don't sip white win at cocktail parties and sneer at people in "fly over" country, people who are so primitive that they believe in God and go hunting with ***GUNS!*** on the weekend. They certainly don't care about issues that the rank and file care about. Sure they pay lip-service to the sanctity of life, or at least they used to, and will give awkward speeches to the NRA but on day to day issues they don't care. People like Will don't care about illegal immigrants, I mean a guy from Mexico can't put on a suit and make-up, go on TV and wax poetic about the topic of the day. So why should they care even if regular people are losing their jobs? Besides, who is going to clean their offices, do their landscaping and nanny their kids if not illegals?

So adios George. We have already forgotten you were ever relevant in the first place.
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