Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The second most important fact that liberals and President Obama don't understand about "gun control"....

....or more likely do understand and intentionally mislead people for their own agenda....

Most people are pussyfooting around this whole event in Orlando out of either a misguided notion of "respect" or because they are just milquetoast saps. Not me. Two things happened in Orlando:

1) A disturbed Muslim guy walked into a "gay bar" and shot it up, killing almost 50 people, as part of an on-going conflict with a large and deadly strain of Islam that is tearing up the world in places like Orlando, Brussels, Paris, San Bernadino, the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. It was an act of terror inflicted on my fellow citizens. As I posted earlier in the week, when almost 50 of my countrymen are murdered the last thing I care about is who they have sex with.

2) There are plenty of power hungry politicians in America who hardly waited for the last body to drop to use this attack as an excuse yet again to demand gun confiscation from law abiding citizens. For a certain segment of the ruling class any tragedy is an opportunity to seize more power for themselves at the expense of law abiding citizens.More about that in a moment. I am certain there were plenty of politicians rubbing their hands together in glee as the news from Orlando broke before putting on their sad clown face and weeping crocodile tears for the cameras.

The most important and ignored fact about gun control, as I have said a million times, is that making certain kinds of guns illegal doesn't dissuade criminals from committing crimes, it only makes it harder for law abiding people to obtain them. See, what makes someone a criminal is that they are willing to break the law, whether that is law against buying a certain kind of gun or any gun at all or whether it is murdering someone, stealing a car, raping a woman, etc. People who break the law are not discouraged by making more things illegal.

The second most important fact is that access to guns or lack thereof is not a factor in whether someone commits an act of terrorism. 

Here is the truth of trying to link terrorist attacks like this with needing more gun control. I have a bunch of guns. I could buy as many more as I could afford, in fact if I were so inclined and had $13,000 I could buy a .50 sniper rifle that would probably kill me if I shot it instead of my target. Even if I had 1000 "assault rifles" I would be no threat to anyone who wasn't a threat to my family. I don't wake up in the morning and think "I believe I will go shoot up a circus today" until I realize I can't buy a gun and decide to take a nap instead.

The reason I don't take my guns and shoot up a gay bar or movie theater or school has nothing to do with how easy or how difficult it is for me to obtain a firearm. The reason that I don't shoot up public places is two-fold. First, unlike the shooter in Orlando, in Paris, in San Bernadino, etc. I have a faith that absolutely prohibits me from killing others and instead demands that I love my enemies just as God loved me when I was still His enemy to the point of sending His Son to die on my behalf. The second reason is that I was raised by a mother and father that instilled in me an understanding of right and wrong. I know it is wrong to shoot random people because that position fits into the worldview they passed on to me. I say please and thank you, I wear appropriate attire based on the occasion and I don't shoot 50 random strangers. 

My threat to kill people is entirely non-impacted by the relative availability or scarcity of firearms. Having easy access doesn't make me more likely to use guns to shoot up bars or schools. Having little or even no access to firearms doesn't make me less likely to shoot up movie theaters or churches since I cannot be less than 0% likely to do so. You can ban all guns, restrict the purchase of guns or give me a free firearm once a month like a Book-Of-The-Month club and the net result is the same. I and every other law abiding citizen like me simply are not going to shoot random people. Certainly many of us will not hesitate to shoot a criminal bent on hurting our family but that is so far removed from the Orlando shooting as to be unrecognizable as being related. Conversely someone bent on causing mayhem and committing murder will find a way to make that happen regardless of the law. 

The bottom line is this:

Making guns more or less available does not have the slightest impact on someone like me who is never going to use them in an act of terrorism. It is completely contrary to everything about me to murder people, whether those people are children or church goers or homosexuals hanging out in a bar. I just don't murder people , not because it is against the law, but because my constitution prevents me from even contemplating it.

Making guns more or less available does not have the slightest impact on someone like Omar Mateen who is bent on committing mass murder. You see, it is already against the law to murder forty nine people or one person for that matter. Laws don't discourage people from killing other people so why would it discourage them from obtaining a firearm or other weapon?

This sort of logic is largely lost on people on the political left. It is lost on them because they don't seem to see mass shooters and especially Muslim radical terrorists as a threat to them. No one like the Orlando shooter or the Newtown shooter is going to walk into the White House or the school where Obama's kid attend because those places are heavily guarded by trained and armed men who won't hesitate to put down an animal like Omar Mateen. No, based on their rhetoric and the logical progression of their positions what we really see is that they are terrified of armed American citizens. It may sound like hyperbole but it is not, an informed, attentive and armed citizenry is the greatest threat to statists and would be totalitarians like out current "commander-in-chief" and the woman who wants to succeed him. As an aside, I am pretty sure Donald Trump is not a totalitarian because I am also pretty sure he can't spell totalitarian. 

We could have a national conversation about guns and liberty and rights but instead what we get are politicians hiding their agenda under the bodies of dead Americans. It doesn't matter how nonsensical their arguments are, it is enough that they act outraged and ARE DOING SOMETHING!

Just remember, when someone starts talking about gun control, what they are really talking about it people control. 
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