Friday, June 3, 2016

Open For Business

Back in December of 2012, following the ill-fated reelection of Barack Obama, I decided to shut down this blog. I didn't delete it, just let it go dormant. Over the course of this Presidential season I have been more and more concerned about the course of this nation that God has providentially placed me in and I have decided that, lack of readers notwithstanding, I am going to start to blog here again.

We are living in perilous times in America. I have never seen the people of this country so vehemently divided, to the point that I often feel as if we are two different nations living within the same border (for those who still recognize a national border). We are not just divided and disagreeing but there is an undercurrent of something far more troubling, a willingness on the part of many on every side to go beyond free speech and descend into violence and coercion. We live in a day when people assault others who attend political rallies (more on that shortly), where people riot if their food stamp cards stop working, where many are calling for the criminalization of not affirming "climate change", where the President of the United States orders his lackeys in the "Justice" Department to send letters to every public school in America threatening to withhold the tax dollars paid by the parents of the students who attend those schools if that school restricts males from using female restrooms and locker rooms.

Under all the public rhetoric which is itself pretty alarming there is an undercurrent of violence lurking just below the surface. We are already seeing signs of it but I think we are only seeing the beginning. I can't imagine what will go on at the Republican convention in Cleveland and in a less publicized battle what will happen with the supporters of Bernie Sanders who feel, with some justification, that their guy is getting cheated.

Don't expect any "Can't we all just get along rhetoric". That isn't mu style. Expect no-holds barred language. I am not someone who thinks that playing pussyfoot with neo-fascists is a winning strategy. Since hardly anyone reads this I have little incentive to dance around the issues. Make no mistake, the very survival of this Republic is at stake. It is a nation that is deeply flawed but it is better than anything else that has been tried and as such it deserves a fighting chance. I am here to speak out for that chance to be given.
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