Thursday, June 9, 2016

I Guess I Don't Understand The Subtle Nuances Of Gender Identity Politics

So Tuesday night Hillary Clinton more or less officially clinched the Democrat nomination for the Presidency. The next day the news media was falling over themselves to sing the praises of Mrs. Clinton and her "historic" position as the first female Presidential nominee for one of the major parties. That is understandable. When you get down to it, the only thing the otherwise incredibly unpopular Mrs. Clinton has going for her is that she is a her. Other than an eminently forgettable tenure as a U.S. Senator and a disastrous stint as Secretary of State, a term that included the corpses of four Americans who were killed in Benghazi while Secretary Clinton couldn't be bothered to send help, Mrs. Clinton has mostly been a shrill donation raising machine, enriching herself by giving speeches for hundreds of thousands of dollars not to mention the clear influence peddling that was going on when her husband was President. She understands your pain and feels for the little people as she endlessly reminds us while wearing thousand dollar pantsuits. Regardless yesterday was an entire day of breathlessly praising Hillary for breaking the "glass ceiling" now that a woman has a legitimate chance to become President.

Only the other hand, the last few months have seen the push for men to use women's restrooms and locker rooms, a crusade wholeheartedly supported by the Administration including the use of extortion to try to force compliance. In this case we are told that biological gender is irrelevant and that "gender identity" is fluid, something that can change from year to year or apparently even from minute to minute. The actual, biological gender of a human being that has been common sense for thousands of years has suddenly been tossed out of the window in the last two weeks and getting men into women's restrooms is The Most Important Issue EVER in our national conversation. Biological gender is meaningless.

So which is it? Is biological gender really fluid and unimportant, in which case the main reason to vote for Mrs. Clinton is gone? Or is Mrs. Clinton's biological gender a solid enough reason to vote for her, given that to the best of my knowledge she has never declared a gender identity?

These are confusing times we live in. Good thing we have experts like Hollywood celebrities to tell us what to think because otherwise I would be lost.
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