Friday, December 7, 2012

Closing Up Shop

Back in March of 2009 I started this blog to talk about politics. While that is something I already blogged about regularly I wanted to distinguish political talk from my “main” blog as I became concerned about the blurring of the lines between the secular and the sacred. After 3 ½ years of sporadic blogging I think it is time to shut this outlet down for a number of reasons.

First, this blog has never really caught on. I have had very few comments and very few page views. That tells me that people really aren’t interested in what I am writing here or at least they aren’t finding it. There is a lot of political blogging out there and for whatever reason this venue has not attracted much in the way of readers other than the random Google search for an obscure string of terms. Partly it might have something to do with my rather unorthodox views of pet "conservative" issues, primarily military spending but for whatever reason not many people seem interested in what I am writing.

Second, I don’t think it is doing much good even if people are reading. It is clear to me that we have abandoned even the pretense of what we thought America meant. A majority of the American electorate has devolved into a “what’s in it for me and who can we make pay for it?” mentality and to be blunt we are rapidly running out of tax payers to fund the tax takers. Virtually anywhere you look America is collapsing in on itself. Feminism has replaced one alleged patriarchal system of husbands and fathers with a new patriarchal system with Uncle Sam stepping in to provide security which combined with the ironic and false promise of sexual liberation has created an enormous and growing class of single mothers who depend on the government instead of a husband or at least a committed partner. We are poised to reward some 11 million people who have broken and flaunted the laws of this nation with amnesty and likely citizenship, providing a huge built in constituency for Democrats who have to be laughing themselves silly. There is no end to public appetite for spending and borrowing and taxation as long as the taxation is levied on “someone else”. With the crushing burden of $16 trillion in debt that is obviously going nowhere but up with the reelection of President Obama and no solution other than piddly tax increases how is this ever going to get paid back? Republicans demanding zero cuts to defense and Democrats demanding zero cuts to everything else means that no one is serious about even having a discussion. When the world markets get tired of buying our debt and we can’t borrow money to operate the government or service the existing debt what do you suppose will happen? The most recent election was not the point of no return, we passed that point a long time ago. Now it is just a matter of waiting for the rioting to start.

Finally I am just less interested in it. Both of the major parties are mostly interested in giving away goodies to buy votes and with our winner takes all, “first past the pole” system we are unlikely to have a third party that can field a full slate of candidates or run a credible Presidential campaign given that the most recent one tipped the scales at over a billion spent.The outcome of elections and tax rates and social engineering are really not all that pertinent to what I have been called to do so why spend so much time worrying about it?

This doesn’t mean that I am not going to write about political issues or church-state stuff. I am actually working on what promises to be a lengthy post about the so-called “Two Kingdom” theory and why it doesn’t work. So you won’t escape my loud opinions on political matters. I just will not be writing much that is strictly politically partisan. I also have some other non-faith related topics that have caught my attention, specifically agriculture and food, so I will be blogging about those topics over at The Voice Of One Crying Out In Suburbia. To the one or two people who stopped by, thanks for reading!
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