Monday, June 4, 2012

A new ugly step-child of Borking

Elections? We don’t need no stinkin’ elections! We just need to let the elites, at least the liberal ones, decide who should govern us.

This is the brave new world we live in, a world constantly redefined by the Left. In the 80’s we saw the introduction of “Borking”, one of the most shameless events to happen in the cesspool of shamelessness we call the Federal Government, as a way of thwarting the appointment of one of the most eminently qualified men to have been nominated to the Supreme Court, a legal mind without peer. The understanding that the duly elected President has the authority to appoint Supreme Court justices was overturned and turned into a political circus. Every single Supreme Court appointment since, and many other appointments, have turned into political circuses where brilliant legal minds sit at a microphone and look befuddled, refusing to answer questions that they clearly have an opinion about while Senators grandstand and pontificate. Public policy has never been the same and ironically it is the Left and their puppets in the mainstream media that complain about the polarization of politics and the death of bi-partisanship (where bi-partisan means that both parties do the bidding of the Left).

More recently we saw the sordid events of my own home when Indiana Democrats fled the state to prevent the duly elected representatives of the people of Indiana from carrying out the offices they had been elected to perform. It was irrelevant to Democrats that they had lost the prior election and Hoosiers had elected an overwhelming majority of Republicans. The only voice that counted was that of union bosses who fund Democrat coffers and off to Illinois fled the Dems, making a mockery of the idea of a representative democracy. The message was clear, only union approved representatives should be allowed to do the people’s business and even showing up for a legislative session was forbidden by the union bosses.

Now tomorrow we have the attempt by the cronies of public sector unions to recall the duly and legally elected governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker.

The recall attempt is not for malfeasance or criminal activity. No, this is over policy differences. Governor Walker’s crime was to dare to challenge the public sector unions that are bleeding state budgets dry. The message from union backer of the recall is clear: there is no room in a republic for anyone to suggest that unions might be unhealthy for state governments where they take tax payer dollars in the form of union dues and in turn lobby on behalf of the people that are supposed to be overseeing them. Should we expect now that every time any politician tries to enact any sort of legislation that the opposition will seek to recall them? So much for a term of 4 years, now your term is only as long as it takes for the losers in the election to get enough signatures to force a recall election. Rather than the electoral cycles we have always enjoyed, cycles that have led to an unbroken string of peaceful changes of power for centuries, we now are faced with a perpetual campaign where losers try to remove winners over the very issues that voters addressed in the election.

More and more we see the nanny state liberalism taking hold of Democrats. Eat your veggies, don’t drink pop in a large container, don’t drink milk that has not been tampered with, etc. is meddlesome enough but now we are seeing that liberals have decided to appoint themselves as arbiters of what qualifies as acceptable government, seeking to save voters from themselves.

Make no mistake, this is a serious challenge to the very idea of representative government. Hopefully the voters of Wisconsin will slap down this recall effort and likewise let’s hope that the Left will at long last let the elected governor of Wisconsin carry out the remainder of his term without molestation.
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