Sunday, June 17, 2012

A British Ron Paul?

Thanks to my friend from across the pond, Christopher Dryden, I had the pleasure of being introduced by a fellow named Nigel Farage this morning. Mr. Farage is apparently not enamored of the whole European Union, Central Bank, etc. and rightly so. I loved this video that Christopher posted...

That is good stuff. I love it when people speak plainly and refuse to worry about being politically correct. We are way past the point of empty courtesy and feigned politeness. Bi-partisanship? That is what has gotten use where we are, both sides getting all of the goodies to placate their supporters and sinking us into a quagmire of debt. Like Ron Paul, Mr. Farage appears to be one of those men who says what he thinks even when it costs him politically. We need more men like this, here and abroad. The stakes are way too high and anyone paying attention can see where this could lead us.

In a speech last year, Mr. Farage said the following:

If you rob people of their identity, if you rob them of their democracy, then all they are left with is nationalism and violence.

Mr. Farage lives in a nation nearly destroyed in the 1940's and Europeans have , or should have , a different view of this issue given their history. World War II wasn't a war started under the banner of exterminating Jews. It was the result of an economic collapse following World War I that allowed a mad dog like Adolf Hitler to rise to power in a nation desperate for a solution. Germany in the 1930's was a fraction of size and power of the United States today. It was a nation that was ruined, powerless and disarmed. What do you suppose will happen if we have a real collapse in this country, a collapse where those relying on transfer payments stop getting them, a collapse where a population that has had entitlement drilled into their heads from birth suddenly finds the well has run dry? Half of Americans pay no income taxes and a huge and largely overlapping percentage of Americans receive some sort of transfer payment from the United States government, payments seized from other Americans. Combine that with the most powerful perpetually standing military the world has every known and you have a recipe for a dangerous situation. We already have a President that is running for re-election on a platform of promising to take money from some Americans to give to others, what makes you think that a true totalitarian leader can't rise to replace a mediocre, incompetent would be tyrant?

Think it can't happen again?

Think again.
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