Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Getting Things Done = $14,000,000,000,000 in debt

Ah the day after. Yesterday Richard Mourdock just hammered Senator Dick Lugar by some 20% in yesterday’s Indiana Republican primary. Afterward it was all sunshine and puppy dog tails as everyone from Mourdock to President Obama thanked Lugar for his service and statesmanship. NPR ran several stories this morning extolling Lugar’s virtues, how he was a guy who would reach across the aisle and was able to “get things done”. Since I am not associated with the Mourdock campaign I am under no obligation to be gracious in victory. I am not obligated to thank Senator Lugar for his service. I am free to say:

Good riddance.

We are supposed to thank Dick Lugar for his service? What service? He has been living a life of luxury and power on the taxpayers dime since I was five. He hasn’t bothered to live among the serfs in Indiana, preferring instead to live amidst the bright lights and ruling class of D.C. He has travelled the world using the taxpayers credit card and for that he gets called a “statesman”. He has long been a part of the establishment in D.C., meaning he is part of the problem. We hear a lot about how he was bi-partisan, how he would reach across the aisle and “get things done”. Well “getting things done” has given us an enormous Federal government that is a perversion of the intent of the Constitution and landed us $14 trillion in debt. That is not the sort of “service” we should celebrate, it is the sort of betrayal that should have landed Lugar and the rest of his Senate buddies out on the street a long time ago. I am supposed to thank Dick Lugar for having a cushy, powerful job handed to him for three and a half decades? I don’t think so, I will simply thank him to vacate the office we the people pay for with our hard work and tax dollars and do so as quickly and quietly as possible. Sorry I am simply not feeling gracious toward people who have bankrupted this country and treated the Indiana Senate seat as their birthright for three decades.

With any luck this is the last we will hear of Dick Lugar.
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