Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Barack Obama: Making People Feel Good About Themselves Is His Main Skill

I ran across a quote today that was too choice to not pass along. From Holman Jenkins writing for the Wall Street Journal (emphasis mine):

Mr. Obama's great political talent has been his knack for granting his admirers permission to think highly of themselves for thinking highly of him. The self-approval of his supporters is the engine of his political rise, albeit married to the kind of hardball that drove his two most formidable rivals out of the 2004 Senate race in divorce-related scandals.

That is such a great line. People like thinking they are smart and sophisticated and hip because they support Obama and are able to completely divorce their support from reality, a reality in which 3 1/2 years of Obamanation has put us deeper in debt, made the government dramatically bigger and more intrusive, engaged in even more military adventures around the world and done nothing to help the employment situation. Among many of the most ardent Obama supporters is a tacit assumption of moral superiority based on their support of Obama.

Luckily (hopefully) there are not enough of these self-important supporters to reelect Mr. Obama.

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