Thursday, December 22, 2011

I fear those who would enslave me in the name of security

We are supposed to believe that Ron Paul is unelectable because of a non-interventionist foreign policy. Americans just won't support someone who might let America go a few years without bombing, invading or otherwise tinkering with the government of another nation. How can America survive unless the government is spying on us and looking with suspicion at the

Meanwhile the Federal government seems quite comfortable in slowly carving away individual liberty in the name of "security". We trade what is ours for a false hope of security placed in the hands of the least competent institution in most of our lives but were are told that "they", i.e. those people over there, are the enemy.

Doug Wilson rightly points out that the danger from the Federal government is far more real for the average America than the threat posed by a Muslim terrorist....
Now let me be reasonable here. I understand the tangled legal issues when an American citizen heads over to Yemen in order to start his I understand the legal issues when an American tries to light the fuse on his sneakers mid-flight while yelling inspirational phrases from the Koran. I get the fact that there is a difference between true enemy combatants and a shoplifter at the mall. So I do believe that the libertarians falsely underestimate the threat that bona fide Islamic terrorism poses to us.

But I do not believe that the libertarians underestimate the threat that our overweening government represents to us. Scale of 1 to 10, how concerned am I that Muslim terrorists are going to successfully do something really bad to me or to my family? Oh, 1 or 2. Same scale, how concerned am I that the federal government is going to do something really bad to me or to my family? More like a 6 or 7, and I am not counting the bad things they are engaged in doing right this minute.

Surely the government will use this power responsibly and wisely, right? Right . . . who would oversee this whole thing? What department would be responsible? Ah . . . the same guys who came up with Fast and Furious? No problem then. I drop my objections. I can see now that I was just being silly.
A nameless, faceless bureaucrat in Washington D.C. is far more dangerous to America life and liberty than a Muslim terrorist. On January 22, 1973, seven American men created the right to murder children in their mother's womb with the proverbial stroke of a pen, leading to 50,000,000 abortions in America. If you divide that number by 38 (the number of years Roe v Wade has been "the law") and further divide that by 365 days per year (skipping the leap years), you come up to 3,605 abortions per day. More American children are murdered in the womb every day than died in total on 9/11/2011.That is the power of the Federal government, the power to tax, to imprison, to murder and it is a power we willingly abdicate in return for a false sense of "security" in the name of patriotism and the occasional return of some of OUR money that we are supposed to gratefully accept from our Federal overlords like a benevolent nobleman dispensing a few coins to his subjects.
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