Monday, October 3, 2011

We're not sure what we are protesting but by golly we are awful mad about it!

In the "empty and futile gesture" category we have the knuckleheads "occupying Wall Street", a motley crowd that doesn't seem to know what exactly they are protesting against or what they want. "We're mad as heck about...about...well about something Important and we are Protesting!", even if protesting looks a lot like "squatting" or hanging around instead of looking for gainful employment. Look at this pic, you can tell these people are being repressed by The MAN, just look at these brave protesters. They are reduced to updating Facebook OUTSIDE!

Here is one "protester" making known, demands?
Erin Larkins, a Columbia University graduate student at who says she and her boyfriend have significant student loan debt, was among the thousands of protesters on the bridge. She said a friend persuaded her to join the march and she's glad she did.

"I don't think we're asking for much, just to wake up every morning not worrying whether we can pay the rent, or whether our next meal will be rice and beans again," Larkins wrote in an email to The Associated Press. "No one is expecting immediate change. I think everyone is just hopeful that people will wake up a bit and realize that the more we speak up, the more the people that do have the authority to make changes in this world listen."
Boy, you would think someone working on a graduate degree at Columbia would be, oh I don't know, studying? Or at least be able to articulate just what they are protesting against because from the news report she apparently wants someone to provide more groceries and is not keen on paying back her substantial student loans. Forced to eat rice and beans? She is just like a Haitian orphan. You know except for the part about being a grad student at Columbia. Other than that she is just like a Haitian orphan! Good thing she is not going to school in an insanely expensive city like...New York...oh.

It is hard to take seriously someone in grad school at Columbia talking about economic justice. Oh the humanity that she is living frugally in college! That has never happened to any college student until just recently! We used to think that struggling by, eating cheap pizza and ramen noodles, was a part of the college experience and character forming. Now? Looks like those meanies on Wall Street are making college students eat rice and beans! This whole thing smacks of a bunch of spoiled children of privilege having a fit because the rest of the country isn't interested in funding whatever it is that they want them to fund. You know like Justice and stuff.

In Greece, a country up to its eyeballs in debt, mass protests including some violent ones greet any attempt to rein in spending as demanded by other nations that kind of would like to get their money back. You know, 'cause that is what you are supposed to do with loans. Pay them back. Anyway Greece is suffering through the effects of decades of unsustainable social programs and like most of the rest of Europe is finding out that you can't provide incentives to the population to not work without eventually having some consequences. Thanks to the instability of Greece and other European nations, coupled with the cruddy economy in America and worldwide, the markets are in turmoil and the job picture is muddled because companies don't like uncertainty.

So in America we are seeing the start of same thing. Groups of young pseudo-intellectuals talking about anarchy and fighting the power while posting status updates on the iPad they bought on credit they don't want to repay. State workers in Wisconsin and elsewhere demanding that tax payers fund their ridiculous benefit packages no matter what the cost. We have been riding high on borrowed money, at the Federal, state and household level for a long time and now that has dried up. That in turn has put the economy, job market, housing market, etc. in the tank.Can violence in the streets and general uprisings be far away? Few things are more dangerous than a violent crowd and almost nothing is more dangerous that an violent mob that has no idea what they are rioting about.

Only in America.

For some reason the "protestors" in New York remind me of this video...
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