Monday, August 15, 2011

A four man race

Well a lot happened over the weekend politically. Tim Pawlenty, who on paper looked like a great candidate, turned out to be a horrible campaigner. Michelle Bachmann has shown some real support. Rick Perry got in and since he draws from a similar pool as Bachmann could spell real trouble for her. He has everything she does not: he served in the military, he is a guy, he has executive experience (and we have proof of how disastrous a President with no executive experience can be. See: Obama, Barack) and he seems....less kooky. I liked this paragraph from the Wall Street Journal today (emphasis mine)
Americans are already living with the consequences of electing a President who sounded good but had achieved little as a legislator and had no executive experience. Mrs. Bachmann will have to persuade voters she isn't the conservative version of Mr. Obama.
There it is.

So we are left with Ron Paul, who gets no respect from the media on either side, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and of course Mitt Romney who has a great organization, a ton of money and a huge albatross around his neck in the form of the proto-Obamacare he oversaw and still defends in Massachusetts. I assume Gingrich will stop embarassing himself and get out, although he might be delusional enough to stay in for a while. Huntsman, Santorum, Cain, McCotter (huh?!) never were in this in the first place and shouldn't even really be considered in future debates. The question comes down to who emerges from those four. I can see Paul hanging around for a long time which is healthy. I think Bachmann is peaking too soon and will fade as her supporters bleed off and Pawlenty supporters run to Perry. Romney is the "front runner" but only because he has been running since the day after the last election and has lots of money. No one I know is enthusiastic about him at all. A lot of people would like a President Romney more than a second Obama term but he is nobodies first choice that I know of.

Should be an interesting couple of months. Once the snow starts flying we should know who is likely to face Obama. At this point, even though he is new into the race, I think this is Perry's race to lose.

And please, please, please let's all hope Sarah Palin quits muddying the waters and leaves the GOP alone. This next election is too important for Palin and her ego trip.

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