Friday, June 3, 2011

Double standard anyone?

So the Obama administration has decided that amidst the budget crisis, the looming debt ceiling “catastrophe”, a still very weak job market, a similarly cruddy housing market, three wars, etc., etc. that it must make it a priority step in to prevent the people of Indiana (you know, the tax payers) from deciding to defund Planned Parenthood.

The administration, rather than admitting that the puppet-masters at Planned Parenthood are pulling their strings, are just throwing up their hands in helplessness. What can they do, this is “the law”!

"We expect Indiana will comply with the federal law. That's our position now," Berwick told Fox News. "Medicaid can't pay with federal dollars for abortion, but that does not mean the state can deny services from a willing provider. That's just what the law is and we're just implementing the law."
Huh. It seems like only yesterday that the same administration refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) because they arbitrarily decided it was unconstitutional. Sure it was also “the law” but in this administration only certain laws are real laws apparently.

We of course have to set aside the fact that funding “family planning services” of any sort really is way outside of the Constitutional mandate of the Federal government. After all, this administration has demonstrated long ago that the Constitution only means what Barack Obama wants it to mean.

Defend DOMA? No. Defend tax payer subsidies for abortionists? Absolutely!
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