Monday, July 12, 2010

This is exactly what Detroit doesn’t need

Ah Jesse. Always showing up where he is neither wanted nor needed to show he still has clout.

UAW president, the Rev. Jackson to launch jobs and peace campaign today

United Auto Workers President Bob King and civic rights leader the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. intend to launch a new campaign that will call for more American jobs, beef up federal enforcement of the workplace and industry, and end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

So explain this to me. How exactly is someone, i.e. “The Reverend” Jesse Jackson, who has to the best of my knowledge never held a job or ran a business and whose entire career is based on race baiting, profiteering on tragedy, opportunism and extortion of corporate America, going to lead a push to create jobs? By walking around Detroit and making a speech one afternoon?

When you combine the forces of Jesse Jackson, a race-baiting opportunist, with Bob King, a radical who sees his job as not only to squeeze as much money out of UAW employers as possible and then crying about it when they have to cut back but also to bring about global “progressivism”, you have a tsunami of the exact sort of thinking and activism that has Michigan in the toilet to begin with. Michigan is still riddled with an entitlement mentality fostered by decades of union leadership in this state coupled with executives too weak to stand against the unions and too eager to capitulate.

Bob King and Jesse Jackson haven’t the faintest clue how jobs are created or perhaps worse they do know but don’t care because all they care about is stirring the pot to justify their existence. Until Detroit collectively tells men like this to take their snake oil wagon someplace else, that city will continue to languish. Detroit doesn’t need “social justice”, i.e. leftist wealth redistribution policies. It doesn’t need more unionizing. It doesn’t need more racial polarization. Detroit needs an attitude adjustment and a business friendly atmosphere that will encourage private sector investment which will in turn lead to jobs. If I am a business owner even considering moving to Detroit, seeing demagogues like these two marching the streets would be more than enough for me to take my business and my jobs elsewhere.

Detroit’s last mayor is in prison, the recent president of the school board is an illiterate pervert, the schools are a disaster, everyone who can flee to the suburbs is fleeing and graft and corruption are the name of the game in virtually every corner of city government. It is high time Detroiters tell Jesse Jackson to take his tired act somewhere else. Detroit has enough problems as is without Jesse parachuting in to cause trouble and foment racial disharmony.
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