Thursday, July 30, 2009

Think of the possibilities!

Today's beer summit was on its face just a ridiculous attempt at pandering and a photo op. I am confident that we have made not even a single step toward race reconciliation and it was one of the most ridiculous examples of political circus I have ever seen.

But then I started thinking....

Maybe we can have the Palestinians and Israeli's in for a brewski at the White House. While the Israeli's are there, we can hook them up with Iranians for a beer. Kim Jong Il can hang out at the WH kegger. We can get the congress of Honduras and ousted President Zelaya to chat over a Corona. The possibilities are endless. Fidel Castro and some of the people tortured over the decades by his regime. The presidents of India and Pakistan. Sunni and Shiites. Protestants and Catholics. The head of the Eastern Orthodox church and the head of the Roman Catholic church. The beer detente knows no bounds!

At least while he is doing foolish photo ops like this, he is not spending more of our money. The amount of mischief he can cause is really limited "hanging out" with the guys. I am opposed to drinking, but in this case I say bottoms up!
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