Saturday, May 2, 2009

Not so popular after all?

The media talking heads are constantly chattering among themselves for our benefit, marvelling at how popular President Obama is. But is he really that popular in this early stage of his first term? Perhaps not. Interesting story in the Washington Times this morning and what it shows us is two-fold: First, that Obama is not nearly as popular as we have been led to think. Second, the media is so in the tank for the leftist agenda of the Administration that they will misrepresent the support that the President has. Lets look at some of the approval numbers of recent Presidents at the 100 days mark.

First, Barack Obama: 56%

Pretty respectable. Now lets look at someone else.

Bill Clinton: 55%

So he is more popular than the other media darling Bill Clinton. But what about the hated George W. Bush? 62% Huh?!

Carter? 63%

The first President Bush? 62%


Obama is nowhere near the greatest modern American President, Ronald Reagan who was at a staggering 67%

So in his first hundred days, the amazingly popular Barack Obama is less popular than the least effective President in modern days, Jimmy Carter and disgraced Richard Nixon. According to the Gallup polls, President Obama is showing an approval rating of 56% at the 100 days mark which is barely a majority. With the bill for his socialism starting to become apparent, Americans are quickly realizing that they have been sold a bill of goods. Lets hope that the rest of the country figures it out before it is too late.
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