Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It is times like these...

...that show how awful a choice America made last fall.

Set aside the fact that the administration is making things worse with it's relentless march to dismantle the economic system that made America the envy of the world and replace it with socialism. We can fix that later perhaps. What we cannot undo is a nuclear armed thug state like Iran or North Korea firing off a missle or two and causing a nuclear conflict with millions dead. That is where we are heading with the North Koreans getting even more bold in their defiance and Israel giving serious thought to preemptive strike on Iran. This morning Reuters reports a new, deadly serious threat from North Korea to use military strikes in response to any interference with its nuclear program and reports are surfacing that Russia is preparing for the possibility of a war on its borders.

The world looks to America for leadership in times like these and the leader of America looks back at the world with not a clue what to do.
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