Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feeling nostalgic about commie rhetoric

Ah, I miss the days when we got this sort of commie rhetoric on a regular basis from the Soviets. In response to alleged spying on their operations, the North Korean military issued this dire threat…

"If the brigandish U.S. imperialists dare to infiltrate spy planes into our airspace to interfere with our peaceful satellite launch preparations, our revolutionary armed forces will mercilessly shoot them down," the ministry quoted the radio as saying.

Not just shoot down a plane that flies at an altitude of nearly ten miles. Mercilessly shoot them down! How does one mercifully shoot down a plane? Especially since the North Koreans hardly have anything even capable of shooting down a plane at that altitude on their best day.

What is not funny is that these loonies are developing the ability to launch nuclear strikes against the South and Japan. While the Soviets were moderately sane, the regime in Pyongyang is anything but. Add to that the fact that we have some who is obviously in over his head as commander in chief, someone who has no foreign policy other than making nice and trying to get along, and we are going to be in for a rough four years. I just hope we can avoid any major conflagrations until we can depose the Anointed One.
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