Thursday, September 14, 2017

Bipartisanship And Conservatism Cannot Co-Exist

Hold this line boys! The Germans would never think to go around this!
The other day I saw President Trump meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck "The Smirker" Schumer, aka The Soros Lapdog, aka Crocodile Tears Chuck. Then last night the Gruesome Twosome announced a super awesome deal with Trump....

This morning Trump denied the Wall would not be built....

So obviously someone is not telling the truth, more likely all of them are not telling the truth. Cuz politicians.

Just seeing Trump with the Devious Duo makes me nervous. In the business world if you screw someone and break your word, you get sued and word gets around to not do business with you. In politics if you screw someone and break your word, you get accolades for being shrewd.

Lots of people talk about bi-partisanship as if it is something noble that all of our elected representatives in a two party system should strive for as a sign of their statesmanship.

It is not.

Here is why. Being bipartisan in our current political climate means only one thing. Conservatives keep giving up ground and liberals keep taking ground. There is never a point where conservatives actually conserve anything. Conservatives operate like the French before World War II, setting up behind a fixed Maginot Line and then watching befuddled as the Germans just go around it.

Imagine that conservative values are an island. There is nowhere to go because you are surrounded by sea on all sides. Liberals come to invade the island and demand a 5 mile beachhead. Conservatives in the spirit of bipartisanship offer to give them 2 miles of beachhead. Under bipartisan rules, that means a compromise and both sides win, especially Republicans that tell us we should be grateful at how little they surrendered. But in reality only the liberals win because they got something. Maybe less than they demanded at first but the conservatives still gave something up. The conservatives never get anything, they just lose less. This happens over and over again, usually in the form of liberals demanding and getting something they want now like a new program or new spending item and the conservatives agreeing to get something in the future that they never, ever get. Each time bipartisanship wins, liberals get more of what they want and conservatives lose more of what they are supposed to be protecting. It is an endless cycle. If conservative and liberals fight over 100 issues and liberals only win twice, they still end up ahead because conservatives have no where to go. This wall/DACA nonsense is a perfect example. What is likely to happen is the wall will get promised at some unspecified point in the future but liberals will never surrender to seeing it built. But they will get immediate and real amnesty of some sort for almost a million "dreamers" and paint themselves as the savior of these "dreamers" (because only illegal aliens have dreams), thus locking down almost a million permanent Democrat voters. Whenever you see Republicans and Democrats working together, it is a sure thing that the conservative cause is getting screwed in the deal. That doesn't stop utterly worthless "leaders" like Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, John McCain and Paul Ryan from crowing about "getting something done" as if that is the goal of conservatism.

The problem is that conservatives don't stand for much of anything except being not liberal. Every single conservative policy is a response to liberal policy. Conservatives have drawn a fixed, permanent line in the sand like Qaddafi but then they keep letting liberals win and all they accomplish is negotiating where the lines have moved, or in other words sometimes Democrats allow Republicans to negotiate just how many conservative principles they will surrender and to what extent. That is all bipartisanship is, liberals winning and conservatives losing a little less than liberals want them to lose. Meanwhile the national debt crossed $20,000,000,000,000 recently and now is charging at breakneck speed toward $30 trillion.

When liberals and conservatives work together, liberals get most of what they want, conservatives lose a little less than they want and the country loses. Quit acting like bipartisanship is something noble, it is just a code-word for Republicans and Democrats teaming up to make things worse in this country.

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