Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Madness Of Queen Hillary

So check this out...

"I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that's not why I lost,” she said at the annual Code Conference in California. “Anti-American forces are going after our economy and they are going after our unity as a nation."

It sort of reminds me of another person who was never at fault:

Hillary Solo!

First the delicious irony. Here is someone who described millions of Americans as "deplorables", essentially irredeemable people who deserved that insult by virtue of not obediently voting for Mrs. Clinton. Yet she is deeply concerned about "our unity as a nation". The only unity she is interested in is unity based on her being in charge. In other words the same sort of "unity" we see in places like North Korea where the people are unified under a single glorious leader. In America, a place Mrs. Clinton seems unfamiliar with, we have a history of patriotic dissent but that apparently shouldn't be permitted according to people like Mrs. Clinton and Mayor Ted "Joseph Stalin Wannabe" Wheeler in Portland.

She colluded with the DNC to derail the Bernie Sanders campaign, she colluded with the media who gave her advance notice of debate questions. She is a terrible, arrogant person that conducted a predictably terrible and arrogant campaign. She apparently listened to mental midgets like Rachel Maddow who assured us that even if Donald Trump had the best day ever he would still lose (I can't get enough of this video of Maddow slowly melting down on camera while that nasty smirk slowly goes away to be replaced by a petulant tantrum) and didn't spend any time in places like Michigan and Wisconsin and that cost her the White House. She is perhaps the least likable public figure since Nixon and has left a trail of scandals (Whitewater, the email server, Benghazi, her influence selling family "foundation") as well as a trail of bodies in her wake. Still we hear there are lots of reasons she lost but none of them have anything to do with her. It was Russia, it was the FBI, it was the alt-right, it was Pepe memes, it was Russia, it was the DNC, it was Russia, it was misogyny, it was Russia. Did I mention Russia?

I have watched a lot of elections come and go but I can't ever remember anyone refusing to move on after losing. Not even Al Gore. Although Al is still badgering us about phony "mad-made climate change" while living in a huge, energy burning mansion and flying around the world in a greenhouse gas emitting jet to scold America, at least he isn't whining about the election he lost. McCain, Romney, Gore, Kerry, Dole, Bush, Dukakis, Mondale, Carter. They lost and they went on with their lives. Not Hillary. Like her former boss Obama who can't get enough media attention now that he is out of office, Hillary just can't let it go. After creeping around the woods for a short time, with the occasional "impromptu" photo op with distressed supporters, she is endlessly on the news whining about why she lost.

She is really becoming kind of unhinged. I am convinced her whole existence, her whole reason for being, was to become the first female President. Do you think she married Bill out of love or because he was ambitious? Do you think she stayed with him after all of the scandals because she is just a "stand by your man" kinda gal? Oh, she specifically said she wasn't. Everything she has done for decades led up to the 2016 election. She didn't get the nomination in 2008 but that was because she was up against the eventual first black President so I think she was sort of OK with that but assumed that when Obama left office she would step right in. The media lapdogs assured her that she would win, her sycophantic advisers assured her she would win, her tiny "crowds" of supporters at campaign stops reinforced this. She created an entire worldview based on a coronation, a cosmic inevitability that she would be elected in a landslide.

Then in one glorious night it all came crashing down and I think something snapped in Mrs. Clinton. I think she is off her rocker and I also think she somehow thinks that something is going to magically happen, Trump will get impeached and in spite of the Constitution we the people will come to our senses and on bended knee beg her to be our President, President Hillary Clinton, first of her name. I really think she thinks that. I guess the alternative, that she will never be President, that her party has moved on and is no longer interested in her brand of sanitized corporate liberalism, is too horrifying for her to contemplate so her mind has created an alternate reality but unlike most people who get professional mental health care when they have a psychotic break, she is being egged on by her only true supporters left, the sold out mainstream media and the silly children on college campuses. Her slide into madness is only accelerating.

In all seriousness, I dislike Hillary Clinton. Actually I despise her and am sick to death of her whining. Nevertheless it is pretty unseemly and more than a little disturbing to watch her slowly unravel mentally in real time. She turns 70 this year and is spending her remaining years in a fever swamp. Someone close to her, assuming there is anyone, needs to give her a heavy dose of reality. Otherwise she is going to end up on her death bed mumbling about the Russians, going to her grave cursing Putin and standing at her Judgment still thinking that she really won the election. That isn't a fate I wish on anyone.
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