Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pop Quiz!

OK without Googling can you tell which person pictured below is a threat to America?

First up...

...Steve Bannon, adviser to President Trump, former chair of Breitbart news and a top five bogeyman of the Left.

Second we have.....

Richard Spencer. He is the founder of and famous for being the most visible spokesperson of that movement as well as for his "fashy" haircut and getting sucker punched.

Next we have....

David Duke. Duke is a former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and is a favorite bogeyman of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a "hate group watch-dog" / highly successful "fundraising" organization. Duke was also a one term state legislator in Louisiana as well as running unsuccessfully for the Congress, Senate, the Governor and twice for President.

Finally we have....

Ted Wheeler, the happy go lucky mayor of Portland, Oregon. Ted is a predictably leftist, pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-homsexuality, etc.

So which is the threat to America?

If you guessed Ted Wheeler....


Why would such an innocuous looking smiley fella be more dangerous than the other three? Well in the wake of the stabbing death of two men in Portland who tried to intervene when a deranged guy apparently started yelling and ranting at two women on a train, the good Mayor is trying to quash a peaceable assembly that he happens to find offensive. As a side note, another man was also stabbed and is in serious condition. All three of these men did what men are supposed to do, namely protect women. I guess the patriarchy does have some uses after all. Anyway, this guy has been immediately labelled a "white supremacist" by the "mainstream" media even though there ample evidence from social media that this guy was actually a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter (is there another kind?) who pretty much hated anyone and everyone depending on the day and his mood. Bernie Sanders supporters are well-known for their white supremacist tendencies. Another ironic side note, we are told that no matter how many times Muslim terrorists blow up innocent civilians, we can never blame Muslims as a whole. Guilt by association and all that. When a guy who is not recognized as part of the white supremacist / white nationalist / alt-right / whatever kills people in a fit of rage, it is not only OK but required to lump everyone who questions mass immigration in with him.

Proof of that and why I say Ted Wheeler is a danger to America is that there is apparently an "alt-right" rally scheduled in Portland and Mayor Wheeler is calling on the rally to be cancelled out of "respect" but what he said as part of that statement is what is extremely troubling, emphasis mine:

The mayor of Portland, Ore., is calling on the federal government to help him stop what he describes as two upcoming “alt-right” demonstrations as his city continues to reel from last week’s deadly train stabbings. 

“Our city is in mourning, our community’s anger is real, and the timing and subject of these events can only exacerbate an already difficult situation,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said Monday while urging the organizers to cancel the events scheduled for June 4 and June 10. 

“My main concern is that they are coming to peddle a message of hatred and of bigotry,” Wheeler said. “They have a First Amendment right to speak, but my pushback on that is that hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

I wonder if Mayor Wheeler has actually ever read the First Amendment because that is not what it says. At all. The ACLU agrees:

The American Civil Liberties Union immediately rejected that stance, saying, “The government cannot revoke or deny a permit based on the viewpoint of the demonstrators. Period.”


That is kind of the whole point of the First Amendment. If the government can allow or deny speech it dislikes then that completely negates the First Amendment. Fortunately the Feds agreed. From Fox 12 Oregon:

The federal government will not revoke the permit for a rally planned in downtown Portland on Sunday despite an impassioned plea from Mayor Ted Wheeler.
"Since the permit was lawfully obtained to assemble at this federal location, GSA has no basis to revoke the permit," according to the U.S. General Services Administration.


Liberty, freedom, the American way of life, the Constitution: 1

Leftist thought control 1984-esque wannabe tyrant Mayor: 0

More broadly speaking, this sort of assault on the First Amendment is not restricted to this event. We are already seeing the violent attacks from Leftists on college campuses. In Europe and Canada where there is no Constitution we see the government already cracking down, not on suspected Islamic militants but on people who are "Islamaphobic", also known as "Gettingblownupatconcertphobic". It is a reminder to me and should be to everyone just how precious our Bill of Rights is and how unique. It is also a reminder that there a lot of people in this country that want to control what you do, what you say, where you go, who you associate with and even what you teach your children. Cheesy grinning, Ironman Triathlon, Mt Everest climbing Mayor Teddy Wheeler is a genteel forerunner to more insidious tyranny. We must never give a single inch on the Bill of Rights because there are just too many people like Teddy who would love to dismantle the whole thing.
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