Saturday, May 27, 2017

An Interesting Look At The Constitution

The United States Constitution, which is more quaint and innocent times was the law of the land, starts off with three articles that establish and create the powers and limitations of the three branches of the Federal government. I found the order and the size of each article interesting. The first article deals with the Congress, the Legislative branch. Including the headers it is 2,318 words and is very detailed.

The second article deals with Presidency, the Executive branch. Section two is 1,033 words, less than half the length of Section one. A ton of the section deals with how to elect the President and the rest of it is pretty limited in terms of what he can do.

The third section, as anyone who has watched Schoolhouse Rock should know, deals with the Judicial branch, i.e. the Supreme Court and lower Federal courts. This section is a mere 379 words and is very, very limited in terms of the scope of the power of the Supreme Court.

This makes it all the more bitterly ironic that the branch given the least attention in the Constitution now wields almost absolute power. Executive orders regarding immigration policy? Nope says the judiciary. A YouTube video exposing the casual brutality of Planned Parenthood? Nope, gotta remove that video says the judiciary. A "right" to abortion and a "right" to homosexual "marriage" that are not mentioned in any sense in the Constitution? Yep, those are right there in the Constitution and now we created a law that covers the entire United States without a single vote by the Congress.

The Founders would be aghast at what a mess we made of the nation they created and nowhere more so than the absolute power wielded by the judicial branch that makes law on a whim. In many ways we are a banana republic where people who have never gotten a single vote in an election make laws out of thin air that we all are bound by under threat of force and imprisonment.

Not too long ago I described America to an Amish guy as a person who went five days walking into the desert with three days of water. I might have to amend that as we probably only have one day worth of water left and our children and grandchildren are the ones who are going to suffer for our misdeeds.
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