Sunday, December 18, 2016

The End Of The Most Painful Post-Election Period Ever (Hopefully)

No, not THAT kind of college....
Tomorrow will see the "official" meeting of the electors of the electoral college who will confirm the results of the 2016 Presidential election as lawfully provided for in our Constitution and thus Donald J. Trump will take one more critical step toward assuming the Presidency, the latest in our rather impressive string of peaceful transitions of power in America. For a nice summary of the process tomorrow check out How the Electoral College voting will unfold on Monday.

While I expect the Obama self-congratulation/mourning media tour to continue unabated and the "Russkies hacked da election!" nonsense to continue unabated, I am still hopeful that with the Electoral College voting completed the nation can move away from the on-going fight over the election which threatens to never end. It is over, Trump won in the only way that matters and Hillary lost. The question is what to do now.

There are many, many people like me who did not vote for Donald Trump because he seemed, and this seems confirmed since the election, temperamentally not a great fit for the Oval Office but we also were very concerned by some of his policies. His foreign policy is a mess. While I approve of any recognition of the free people of Taiwan a lot of his other policies seem to be a little hard to understand. Having John Bolton as Deputy Secretary of State is an amusing thumb in the eye to the Left but his appointment is also a dream come true for the very worst interventionist elements in the neo-con wing of the Republican party. He is also talking about enormous deficit spending on "infrastructure" but then is going to nominate a budget hawk like Mick Mulvaney as his budget director which seems to send conflicting messages. His judicial picks will need careful scrutiny to ensure he keeps his word on the kind of picks he makes. Lots of stuff needs to be carefully watched but ironically the histrionics from the snowflake Left and the more insidious serious Leftist partisans has meant that instead of thinking about real issues we are arguing about Russian hacking, the Electoral College, a slew of fake "hate crimes", etc. In other words they are providing cover for Trump as he prepares to take office. Ironic but maybe not.

Tomorrow our nation follows the method chosen very specifically and intentionally by men far wiser than most of those in power today to elect a new President. Let's celebrate that the system works and we don't have violent coups that change our government like so many other nations.
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