Sunday, November 20, 2016

While You Are Crying and Gnashing Your Teeth We Can't Have Real And Necessary Conversations

The feverish denouncement and semi-professional protests continue unabated as the impotent rage of American liberals washes over social media. The cast of the musical Hamilton took the time to stand on stage and scold/lecture the incoming Vice-President of the United States, accusing him of failing to "protect them", whatever that means, and demanding he uphold "their" American values which apparently are different from American values in places like Indiana, signalling that their particular brand of entertainment comes with a heavy ideological price tag. It was a classless, clumsy and juvenile move but it was simultaneously declared breathlessly by liberals to be one step above the Declaration of Independence and at the same time condemned by conservatives who, like me, have never seen and have no interest in seeing this musical. It is pretty clear that for the foreseeable future we are not going to get a moment of rest from the denunciations of a man who, for better or likely for worse, was lawfully and fairly elected to be the next President of the United States.

Meanwhile as the Sturm und Drang continues to rain liberal tears all over America, there are some actual important things happening that are getting little attention. Instead of being focused on places where Trump is an actual danger, the sort of places political conservatives/libertarians warned about during the primary season and led many to declare themselves #NeverTrump, we instead get stories about an overwrought speech from a Broadway actor who couldn't find Indiana on a map with both hands and Lena Dunham seeking wisdom and solace by communing with rocks.

For example. A number of mayors across the country have declared that the cities they run are now and forever more "Sanctuary Cities" where people who are breaking the law simply by being here, i.e. illegal aliens, are safe from the jackbooted forces of the INS. Never mind that these same people have been cheerleaders for the unlimited increase of the Federal Goliath into every aspect of our lives. Also pay no attention to the very real fact that Rahm Emmanuel's Chicago is supposed to be a safe place for people who are in this country illegally but is at the same time one of the most dangerous places in America for black people who are American citizens. What I found troubling is that Trump is already threatening these "sanctuary cities". One of the points of Trump's first 100 days in office plan is:

* THIRD, cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities

For those on the Left this is of course terrible. For those on the Right this causes giggling with glee. I understand why. These pompous boobs who think that some criminal behavior ought to be protected are getting a taste of their own medicine as Trump threatens to use the Obama "Withhold Federal education funding if you don't let boys into girl's restroom and locker room facilities" tactics. What is missed ought to be obvious. Why are there "Federal funds" for cities in the first place? Why do we allow D.C. to take money out of our cities and states and then dictate to us under what terms we are allowed to have our own money back? Taking money away from the people and then extorting them with their own money is the ultimate statist move. News flash: Donald Trump is not a conservative of any stripe.

Another example. In an about-face that was dizzying, many of the neo-con establishment Republicans who not-so-secretly lit candles hoping for a Hillary Clinton win have managed to position themselves for prominent posts in the Trump administration, posing as "experts" that Trump will need to run foreign policy. As the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity reports there is a struggle going on between Neo-Cons and Libertarians over who will craft the Trump administration's foreign policy: War Breaks Out Between Neo-Cons And Libertarians Over Trump's Foreign Policy.

It is very possible and perhaps very likely that the interventionist class will come to dominate the Trump administration after doing all they could to keep him out of the White House. Those of us on both sides of the political spectrum who want to see a less interventionist foreign policy had better start to pay attention and make our voices heard.

This is all before Trump has even been sworn in but by all means let's pay attention to the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the participation ribbon generation instead of watching what is really happening. Ironically the people who are making the most noise think they are "standing up" to Trump when in reality they are creating a very effective smokescreen that is obscuring what is really going on. Good job, now go over-pay for a juvenile, historically inaccurate up-jumped high school play so you can feel better about yourself.
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