Thursday, June 28, 2012

The best argument in favor of electing Romney

Today liberty died a little. It is painfully obvious that there is, in the eyes of our Federal overlords, no limit to the power of the government to tell us what to do and how much money they will allows us to keep. Further more the Supreme Court, the same court that gave us a "right" to murder unborn children, has turned into a functional rubber stamp for increasing the size and power of the government. Throw a "tax" on a bill and anything goes. It was bad enough that the government abused the commerce clause to pass all manner of ridiculous laws, now apparently all they need to do is add a tax and any law becomes permissible under the guise of the Federal government's right to tax us. That is such specious reasoning that any thinking person would see right through it but it is the sort of reasoning that the CHIEF JUSTICE of the Supreme Court, an alleged conservative, invoked to support one of the greatest power grabs in the history of this once free nation.

We once were a nation that was predicated on the idea of "we the people". Now we have degenerated into a nation of money grubbers who constantly are on the lookout to see what they can get for "free" by having the government take it from someone else. We are a nation where the sheep allow themselves to be bribed with their own freedom in the name of "security". All anyone seems to care about is how they can entertain themselves (and don't think that mandatory internet is far away) and feed themselves as long as someone else, present or future, has to pay for it. The suggestion to most people that the government doesn't have the Constitutional authority to make a law like this is likely to be met with a blank and confused stare.

So what is the next good or service the government will force us to buy? High speed internet? Extended warranties on appliances? Government subsidized cheese? Straw hats with peacock feathers in the band? Apparently anything goes so business leaders need to start lobbying to get their product added to the "buy this or else" list. Who needs marketing departments anymore, all you need are some good lobbyists and then you just sit back and watch people buy your good or service at gunpoint. America, what a country!

As horrific as this farce of a ruling is, it gives Mitt Romney a gift-wrapped campaign issue. Barack Obama's signature "achievement" has been revealed as an enormous tax increase on the American people and it will be issue number two in the fall election, right after the economy. Obama is not going to have much to run on. His handling of the economy? Sure. His handling of the debt? He has added to it at an unprecedented peacetime rate. Obamacare? Hugely unpopular and shown to be a tax increase. His one "success" should lead to his removal as President, assuming that there are any people left in this country with the ability to read the Constitution and care enough about the good of the nation to look beyond filling their stomach, entertaining themselves and finding new ways to get someone else to pay for it.

This is a sad day for America but anyone could see this coming. Thanks once again to the Obama voters in 2008. How is that hope and change working out for you now?
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