Monday, January 23, 2012

The Gingrich Campaign Strategy

1. Challenge Obama to “Lincoln-Douglas” style debates, whatever that means. Perhaps Newt is going to wear a stove pipe hat? Everyone knows that is not going to happen but that seems to be his primary focus.

2. Invoke the name of Reagan at every opportunity. You can’t invoke the Gipper too often but absolutely no less than once every third sentence.

3. Rail against the media for asking questions. Any questions. Only Newt could turn an ugly event from his past into an applause line at a debate.

4. Hope no one looks too closely at your actual Ieadership experience (that didn’t end so well) or what you have been doing with yourself since being run out of leadership in disgrace (you know, lobbying er, being the official historian, for Freddie Mac; playing snuggle-bunnies with Nancy Pelosi on a love seat, etc.). Given how quickly he flamed out the last time we made him the leader of the party, what makes anyone think a megalomaniac like Gingrich is going to handle being President any better?

Someone needs to go to South Carolina and smack the entire GOP voting population upside their collective heads. I support Ron Paul and what he is trying to do in moving the party away from a “conservatism” that is only slightly to the right of the Democrats and a state of constant war to prop up military spending. I can live with Mitt Romney in spite of his flaws because I think he will do the right thing in office out of pragmatism if not heartfelt belief. I can live with Rick Santorum although I think he is pretty far off the mark on many issues because he seems like a sincere guy.

Newt? I actively dislike him. Not as much as Obama but far more than any other current or past candidate on the GOP side. I thought it was a huge joke when he announced he was running, something that was reinforced when his staff quit en masse. I mean, Newt Gingrich? Seriously? Then it turns out that we don’t have much of an alternative to Romney other than Ron Paul and few Republicans seem to give Paul a fair shake, thus leaving us with Romney or Gingrich. Tim Pawlenty should be ashamed of himself for dropping out so quickly.

I am not keen on the idea of a candidate up against Obama with enormous (and warranted) personal baggage with a lot of negatives and very few positives other than being able to think on his feet and deliver applause lines in a debate. Will I vote for him if he is the nominee? Sure but I will do it while holding my nose. A lot of other less engaged voters might not bother showing up at all if the choice is between Obama and Gingrich, and I can’t say that I blame them.

South Carolina is only one state and I assume once people start to actually look at Gingrich as a candidate he will wilt like he did in Iowa. For the sake of the next election and the future of our country, let’s hope so.
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