Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All the libel that is fit to print

I read a great editorial from James Taranto today, writing for the Wall Street Journal: The Authoritarian Media. Amidst all of the shocking, baseless and libelous accusations floating around the "mainstream media", Taranto has nailed down the real reason behind the unseemly and frankly grotesque attempt by the Left in the media to create belief in a link between Palin/Beck/tea partiers/Fox News that doesn’t exist:

The campaign of vilification against the right, led by the New York Times, is really about competition in the media industry--not commercial competition but competition for authority. When Bob Schieffer and Steny Hoyer were growing up, the New York Times had unrivaled authority to set the media's agenda, with the three major TV networks following its lead.

The ensuing decades have seen a proliferation of alternative media outlets, most notably talk radio and Fox News Channel, and a corresponding diminution of the so-called mainstream media's ability to set the boundaries of political debate.

Its authority dwindling, the New York Times is resorting to authoritarian tactics--slandering its competitors in the hope of tearing them down. Hoyer is right. Too many news outlets are busy "inciting people . . . to anger, to thinking the other side is less than moral." The worst offender, because it is the leader, is the New York Times. Decent people of whatever political stripe must say enough is enough.

It is all about money and power, i.e. control. With liberals it always is. Health care “reform” is not about health care at all, it is about controlling a huge portion of the U.S. economy. Education “reform” is about controlling kids and tax dollars. The “War on Poverty” is a shell game for the Left to redistribute wealth and control who has what in our economy. When you push past the bleeding heart rhetoric, what you always find is an effort to control people.

The Leftist American media, back in the day, could control the public debate because they tightly controlled the three TV networks and the major newspapers. With the advent of talk radio, Fox News, the internet, etc. Americans now have the ability to listen to both sides of the debate and choose for themselves. As last November demonstrated, they increasingly choose to reject big government liberalism and as the TV ratings reflect they are also rejecting the old stalwarts of Leftist “mainstream” media. Losing influence, power and money is unacceptable to the journalistic priesthood and in the Tucson shootings they believe they have found a way to quash dissenting voices (ironic from so called “liberals”), enact onerous and controlling legislation and seek monetary advantage for themselves.

The New York Times used to content itself with merely twisting and manipulating the news. Now it has resorted to outright lies and slander, accusing its perceived enemies of being at least peripherally responsible for a heinous act of a madman without a shred of proof and clearly without a shred of common decency, respect or shame. Little wonder that the New York Times is rapidly losing its place on top of the media food chain.
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