Monday, October 18, 2010

One man’s political machinations are another man’s vote tampering

Are senior citizens cheap and easy?

Apparently President Obama thinks so because his latest gambit to bribe them with $250 of their own money is Chicago vote buying politics at its best. The Social Security cost of living adjustment system is designed to increase benefits as the costs of living rise (hence the name) to protect seniors from losing buying power as prices for goods and services go up. Given the relatively low rate of inflation brought on by the poor economy, there are not going to be COLA’s this year. That is exactly how the system is supposed to work. People on social security don’t get an automatic increase every year just for being above ground, it is supposed to adjust with inflation. Minimal inflation=no increase. Makes perfect sense and works like it is supposed to.

Not in an election year and especially not when Democrats are not only collapsing in the polls but actually losing steam as we approach the one week mark ahead of the elections. Not with a Chicago politician in the White House and a Democratic majority desperate to retain power. Hence the gross spectacle of promising seniors a $250 check in a naked attempt to buy votes.

Apparently there are some 58,000,000 Americans getting social security benefits. If each of them gets a bribe, er bonus check, of $250, it amounts to $14,500,000,000 that we don’t have and that they shouldn’t be getting. It is an enormous transfer payment of fourteen billion dollars that is being given to seniors as a bribe to buy votes for Democrats that future generations will have to pay for. This is not only bad policy and something that on a smaller scale would be illegal, it is frankly immoral. In the eyes of President Obama? Who cares! Many of those future workers paying into the social security system with no hope of getting a benefit and who will have to pay for the crushing national debt cannot vote next week so their well-being is irrelevant.

If one political operative tries to give a voter $250 in an alleyway in the dark of night right before the election, he would be arrested on charges of vote tampering. When President Obama tries to bribe 58,000,000 voters right before the election he announces it on TV and no one in the media says a thing about it.

It is time for "Change" indeed.
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