Thursday, October 14, 2010

Has it really come to this?

This should be a much bigger story than it is. The President of the United States has accused a venerable organization, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with what amounts to breaking the law by taking foreign donations to influence U.S. elections. The head of the Democratic National Committee has suggested that several conservative organizations are also taking money from foreign influences. Karl Rover, the left’s favorite bogeyman and one of those falsely accused without a shred of proof responds in the Wall Street Journal: I Am No Threat to Democracy

These smears were too much even for the New York Times, which noted on Saturday that "Democrats have offered no evidence that the chamber is using foreign money to influence the elections." Brooks Jackson of wrote the next day that "accusing anybody of violating the law is a serious matter requiring serious evidence to back it up. So far Democrats have produced none." And when CBS anchor Bob Schieffer asked White House senior adviser David Axelrod for corroboration that the chamber was spending foreign money on American elections, Mr. Axelrod answered, "Well, do you have any evidence that it's not, Bob?" Mr. Schieffer incredulously responded, "Is that the best you can do?"

When liberals are getting called out for playing fast and loose with the facts by the New York Times and CBS news, you know things are bad. Perhaps Republicans can accuse Nancy Pelosi of cannibalism and when asked for proof can simply retort: “Well do you have any evidence that she is not?!”

Is this the best the Democrats can offer? No solutions, no plans, just personal attacks and out and out lies. What has happened to the allegedly great orator Barack Obama that he is so toxic that Democrats around the country are running from him as fast as possible and he is reduced in this election cycle to false accusations of illegal activities? One can only imagine the outcry from the media if George Bush had made similar false accusations against the AFL-CIO or other liberal organizations.

The truth on the ground is that liberals were elected in 2008, led by Barack Obama, with a promise to make things better, to get the country back on track. Instead President Obama gave a blank check to the most extreme elements of the Left to enact the first steps in transforming America in a Worker’s Paradise. The results? Two years later the economy is just as bad, joblessness is just as bad and we have a ton of new debt that was frittered away for nothing along with an abomination of a “health care reform” measure that is weighing down Democratic candidates like a millstone. Barack Obama is about to become a first term lame duck President halfway through that term.

When people voted for “Change”, they didn’t expect that it mean “Change for the Worse” and when Obama called for “Hope”, who knew that the people who gained the most hope were Republicans.
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