Friday, October 29, 2010

The Reason Democrats Are About To Lose Big: Exhibit A

This morning the business community in America is graced with an editorial from Robert Reich writing in the Wall Street Journal, an economist who openly favors income redistribution. As near as I can tell, Reich has done three things in his life: worked for the government, taught at universities and written books about topics that he understands only from an academic standpoint. I don't think he has ever had a private sector job but based on his decades in academia he feels qualified to offer advice to the private sector he has shunned his entire life. It is kind of like getting farming advice from people who have never been on a farm but have written lots of books about agriculture.

The target of Mr. Reich’s editorial? Those business hatin’ Tea Party types, that’s who! Apparently Robert Reich thinks he is going to scare CEOs into voting for liberals four days before the election and perhaps pour millions of dollars into the coffers of liberal candidates who, against all common sense, Reich seems to think are more business friendly. You know, liberals like Virg Bernero in Michigan who is trying to extort concessions from J.P. Morgan Chase and has essentially promised if elected to wage all-out war on business (luckily he is so far behind in the polls that the Governor’s race in Michigan has become an afterthought). Liberals like President Obama who vilifies business at every opportunity and has wasted not one second of his first term when it comes to making it harder and less profitable to do business in America.

When push comes to shove, Reich shows the same disdain as President Obama for people without Harvard degress. The only possible motivation must be fear, anger and thinly veiled racisim….

History has shown that people threatened by losses of jobs, wages, homes and savings are easy prey for demagogues who turn those fears into anger at major institutions, as well as individuals and minorities who become easy scapegoats—immigrants, foreign traders, certain religious groups. Were it not for their economic stresses, Americans wouldn't be receptive to abolishing the Fed and the IRS, or believe that government and big business were conspiring against them, or turn isolationist.

As usual, we get the implication that in spite of any concrete evidence, Tea Partiers all harbor racist feelings. They are, after all, anti-immigrant! The truth is that while there may be some racists in the Tea Party, there are certainly racists on the left as well among certain “civil rights” groups and leaders who have made blatantly racist comments but are given a pass (Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Black Panthers?). Liberals have gotten away with accusations of racism without any proof for the last year and that is going to get worse as we approach the 2012 Presidential election. Mr. Reich is a pretty bright fellow, one would think he would understand the difference between being anti-immigrant and anti-illegal immigration. One involves someone immigrating to this country as my forefathers did following the laws of this nation. The other involves intentionally breaking the laws of this country, entering and working illegally.

Thanks to Robert Reich for demonstrating so clearly the sort of mentality that is going to lead to devastating losses next week for liberals. The business community has far more to fear from the onerous regulations, higher taxes and flat out disastrous policies of liberals than they do from people who want the U.S. to reduce its debt. Little wonder Obama and the Dems find themselves in their current pickle.

I am still uncertain what the root cause of this is. I would like to think, as terrible as it sounds, that this talk of fear, anger, racism, etc. is just political posturing. My gut instinct is that what we really are seeing are the results of a scorned self-appointed elite, people who look down their noses at the unwashed hordes of Americans who cling to guns and religion and have the nerve to question their betters. It cannot possibly be that the American people have actually examined the evidence and decided that the policies pushed by the Left in America by Obama and Pelosi are unhealthy for this country and have decided to vote them out. That leaves them with the conclusion that there must be something ugly underlying the wholesale rejection of liberalism. Ignorant fear. Anger and hatred. Racism. Anything but a rational decision. That attitude is going to be the death of the Democratic majority in the House and perhaps the Senate and with Obama’s popularity bottoming out and a bunch of vulnerable Democratic senate senates up for grabs in 2012, the long term picture is grim for Democrats. The real question now is whether Republicans can remember the lessons of 1994 and govern as the same conservatives they ran as. Otherwise we might see the Tea Party and other independents form a real third party.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Condescender in Chief

If you people weren’t so stupid and scared you would agree with me

More than any recent President in my lifetime, even more so than the former title holder Jimmy Carter, President Obama seems to have sought the office of President of the United States because he simply thinks most Americans are too stupid to be trusted to think for themselves. He is less of a Commander in Chief than a Condescender in Chief, patting the ignorant masses on the head when they do what he wants and scolding them with a wagged finger when they don’t.

Case in point, Obama’s recent comments that "facts and science and argument [do] not seem to be winning . . . because we're hard-wired not to always think clearly when we're scared." Of course. We are scared and not thinking clearly! How else can you explain people not walking in lockstep with our brilliant President. We clearly are too dumb to be allowed to make decisions for ourselves. If President Obama thinks we should vote for Democrats who will rubber-stamp his agenda, that must be what we should do. The only explanation for the upcoming blood bath is that we are too scared to think straight and listen to the wisdom of the wise and benevolent President Obama.

Here is a novel thought Mr. President. Maybe people DO understand what you have done and are trying to do and don’t like it! Maybe they elected you in 2008 thinking you would lead us out of the economic meltdown and instead you took the election results as a mandate to pass every liberal fantasy under the sun and actually managed to make things worse while burying us deeper in debt. The vote in 2008 was for leadership and what we got was a finger wagging, pompous knee-jerk liberal who thought the solution to a damaged economy was more government, more taxes, socialized medicine and a worldwide tour where the leader of the free world was bowing and scraping before the world’s tryants.

It is going to very interesting to see President Obama's response on Wednesday, November 3rd. Will he react strategically like Bill Clinton which ensured his second term or will be go off the deep end like Al Gore? I am betting on the latter and on a one term Obama Presidency.

Monday, October 18, 2010

One man’s political machinations are another man’s vote tampering

Are senior citizens cheap and easy?

Apparently President Obama thinks so because his latest gambit to bribe them with $250 of their own money is Chicago vote buying politics at its best. The Social Security cost of living adjustment system is designed to increase benefits as the costs of living rise (hence the name) to protect seniors from losing buying power as prices for goods and services go up. Given the relatively low rate of inflation brought on by the poor economy, there are not going to be COLA’s this year. That is exactly how the system is supposed to work. People on social security don’t get an automatic increase every year just for being above ground, it is supposed to adjust with inflation. Minimal inflation=no increase. Makes perfect sense and works like it is supposed to.

Not in an election year and especially not when Democrats are not only collapsing in the polls but actually losing steam as we approach the one week mark ahead of the elections. Not with a Chicago politician in the White House and a Democratic majority desperate to retain power. Hence the gross spectacle of promising seniors a $250 check in a naked attempt to buy votes.

Apparently there are some 58,000,000 Americans getting social security benefits. If each of them gets a bribe, er bonus check, of $250, it amounts to $14,500,000,000 that we don’t have and that they shouldn’t be getting. It is an enormous transfer payment of fourteen billion dollars that is being given to seniors as a bribe to buy votes for Democrats that future generations will have to pay for. This is not only bad policy and something that on a smaller scale would be illegal, it is frankly immoral. In the eyes of President Obama? Who cares! Many of those future workers paying into the social security system with no hope of getting a benefit and who will have to pay for the crushing national debt cannot vote next week so their well-being is irrelevant.

If one political operative tries to give a voter $250 in an alleyway in the dark of night right before the election, he would be arrested on charges of vote tampering. When President Obama tries to bribe 58,000,000 voters right before the election he announces it on TV and no one in the media says a thing about it.

It is time for "Change" indeed.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Has it really come to this?

This should be a much bigger story than it is. The President of the United States has accused a venerable organization, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with what amounts to breaking the law by taking foreign donations to influence U.S. elections. The head of the Democratic National Committee has suggested that several conservative organizations are also taking money from foreign influences. Karl Rover, the left’s favorite bogeyman and one of those falsely accused without a shred of proof responds in the Wall Street Journal: I Am No Threat to Democracy

These smears were too much even for the New York Times, which noted on Saturday that "Democrats have offered no evidence that the chamber is using foreign money to influence the elections." Brooks Jackson of wrote the next day that "accusing anybody of violating the law is a serious matter requiring serious evidence to back it up. So far Democrats have produced none." And when CBS anchor Bob Schieffer asked White House senior adviser David Axelrod for corroboration that the chamber was spending foreign money on American elections, Mr. Axelrod answered, "Well, do you have any evidence that it's not, Bob?" Mr. Schieffer incredulously responded, "Is that the best you can do?"

When liberals are getting called out for playing fast and loose with the facts by the New York Times and CBS news, you know things are bad. Perhaps Republicans can accuse Nancy Pelosi of cannibalism and when asked for proof can simply retort: “Well do you have any evidence that she is not?!”

Is this the best the Democrats can offer? No solutions, no plans, just personal attacks and out and out lies. What has happened to the allegedly great orator Barack Obama that he is so toxic that Democrats around the country are running from him as fast as possible and he is reduced in this election cycle to false accusations of illegal activities? One can only imagine the outcry from the media if George Bush had made similar false accusations against the AFL-CIO or other liberal organizations.

The truth on the ground is that liberals were elected in 2008, led by Barack Obama, with a promise to make things better, to get the country back on track. Instead President Obama gave a blank check to the most extreme elements of the Left to enact the first steps in transforming America in a Worker’s Paradise. The results? Two years later the economy is just as bad, joblessness is just as bad and we have a ton of new debt that was frittered away for nothing along with an abomination of a “health care reform” measure that is weighing down Democratic candidates like a millstone. Barack Obama is about to become a first term lame duck President halfway through that term.

When people voted for “Change”, they didn’t expect that it mean “Change for the Worse” and when Obama called for “Hope”, who knew that the people who gained the most hope were Republicans.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Virg Bernero’s Plan For Michigan: Alienate Business

So Virg Bernero, the titular Democratic “candidate” for Governor of Michigan, gets up in front of the Detroit Economic Club to talk about getting Michigan’s economy back on track and proceeds to….blast business?

"If you are part of the Wall Street breed that runs over people for ever-growing profits and growing bonuses, you will have a problem, because I've had it," Bernero said in his opening statement to a stony business crowd. "We're up to here with it. Enough is enough."

Bernero said news that some banks around the U.S. have erroneously foreclosed on homes or unwisely issued mortgage loans in the first place should prod Michigan to follow other states and block foreclosure proceedings or give homeowners a stronger hand to negotiate with banks.

Bernero said a priority as governor would be to withdraw $1 billion in state money from J.P. Morgan and Chase banks for their refusal to ease up on foreclosures and invest the money in Michigan-based banks and credit unions.

Bernero's aggressive challenge wasn't well received.

You can hear business leaders around the country getting ready to pack up and move to Michigan if Virg Bernero wins the governorship. Play ball with us or face extortion from the state! I think it is clear that mortgage companies have been seriously cutting corners on foreclosures but the fact remains that if you don’t make your payments, you lose your house. These sorts of petty threats are doing nothing to help home owners and do a lot of anger business. If you really want to help people who are being foreclosed on, lets try making this state more business friendly to bring more jobs so people can actually pay their mortgages instead of foolish blustering that is putting up a giant neon sign at the Michigan border that reads “Not Open For Business”.

It is kind of irrelevant. Virg is so far behind in the polls that you can hardly see him. I am not sure he is going to get a majority of the votes cast by registered Democrats and he might lose in Democratic strongholds like Detroit. In an important state like Michigan with lots of electoral college votes and a large number of representatives, you would think that Democrats could have found someone, anyone better to run but after the Jennifer Granholm experience, smart Democrats decided to sit this one out leaving an unstable demagogue running in the primary against a completely overmatched Andy Dillon.

What is instructive in this circus is that Bernero, in his clumsy and ignorant way of speaking, exposes the underlying error of liberal economic policies. Democrats in general see business as something that hinders prosperity for all Americans by making rich people rich and keeping poor people poor. Business is something to be controlled, restricted, regulated and demonized. The reality, as usual, is quite a bit different. For all of its faults, the American business community is the only real hope for any semblance of continued prosperity. We cannot continue to make up “jobs” by going further and further into debt.

What is going to kill Democrats this election cycle is their inability to read the electorate, an electorate that is in no mood for more and more government and has lost any faith at all in their elected officials. I think this election cycle is somewhat unique because in the past people seemed to like their Senators and their Representatives and not trust the others but being an incumbent this year is scary for people in both parties.

The real question is: how bad is it going to be? Bernero is going to get thumped and since Governor will be at the top of the ballot that really should hurt Democrats down ballot as well. Once the dust settles in Michigan and elsewhere, the hard work starts. Republicans have proven in the past that they campaign like conservatives but when in power they often govern like liberals. They better do better this time around or they will find themselves out the door in 2012. If there was ever a time for a legit third party in America, that time might be now especially if Republicans forget the core values that they ran on and are about to be elected on.