Thursday, July 29, 2010

It is not about taxes or fairness, it is about control

I am beginning to think that the Left doesn’t much care who has money in this country or how much of it, especially given how many liberals are stinking rich. Certainly there are plenty of super wealthy liberal donors who could pay more of their “fair share”. The hypocrisy of ultra-liberal Hollywood types living in palatial mansions and paying tax attorneys to hide their wealth urging that successful Americans who make more than the average are somehow gaming the system is completely lost on them.

What seems more in character is that liberals don’t care who has money as long as it is filtered through the government first. In other words, I don’t think the issue is income or wealth equity. It is all about who decides where the money goes. In a true free market, the market decides. Those who work the hardest, have the most marketable skills, have the right idea at the right time, are the ones who benefit the most financially. In a controlled economy, the direction we are heading, it is the central government that makes those decisions. Wealth is redistributed based on a myriad of criteria: perceived past abuses, a social status that is in vogue, whether you live in the right congressional district.

In other words, I don’t think Nancy Pelosi and company care a lick about the poor or whether some people have substantially more money than someone else. All they care about is deciding where every penny goes. Fairness? Bah. There is only one word that matters in D.C. and that word is control.
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