Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here is the bed you made. How do you like sleeping in it?

Remember the aftermath Hurricane Katrina and the criticism faced by President Bush for not doing enough quickly enough. Well, thanks to the world we live in where the nanny state is expected to resolve every problem in fifteen minutes, now President Obama is under fire for not acting quickly enough regarding the oil spill in the Gulf.

Moving to blunt criticism that his administration has been slow in reacting to the largest U.S. crude oil spill in decades, President Barack Obama has dispatched two of his Cabinet members to make the rounds of the Sunday talk shows.

Later Sunday, Obama was to fly to Louisiana for a visit to the Gulf Coast and a firsthand update on the massive spill that threatens to bring catastrophic environmental and economic damage in its wake.

What is he going to do in the Gulf besides be a distraction? Hold up his staff like Moses and turn back the tide of oil? Frankly, and I am clearly no fan of President Obama, I would rather he stay in Washington D.C. and coordinate from there but unless you put on the Presidential windbreaker and show up on site, everyone assumes you don't "care" enough. I do like that instead of having his cabinet members working on staunching the oil spill, they are on TV spinning the response of the administration. That is the world we live in. In demonizing President Bush for eight years as just slightly worse than Nero and Genghis Khan combined, the Left has poisoned the political discourse in this country to an extent we haven't seen since the Bork hearings. Little use in whining about it now Mr. President. Your most rabid supporters brought us to where we are now and if you find the bed a little too lumpy for your tastes, you know where you should be pointing the finger of blame.
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