Sunday, May 9, 2010

A college education is now your right

So sez Obama. In addressing the gradates of Hampton University, President Obama told the graduates that a high-school diploma just ain't gonna cut it anymore, an adequate education requires a college degree. Guess who is responsible for making sure this happens? You guessed it!

"All of us have a responsibility, as Americans, to change this, to offer every single child in this country an education that will make them competitive in our knowledge economy. That is our obligation as a nation," the president said.

So it is now our obligation to provide a college education to every child. Add this to the other responsibilities we have as a nation that magically appeared in the Constitution: Health care at a "fair" cost. A stream of income and health insurance in retirement. Food and money for the poor. A mortgage even if we can't afford it and our credit is shot. Jobs. On and on and on. There is very little, if anything, that this administration and its cronies thinks that the government is not responsible for and that the tax-payers are not obligated to pay for.

Of course, once everyone has a college degree it will no longer carry the same weight in the workforce. I guess no one thought that far ahead, after all they will be out of office when the bill comes due.
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