Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our old friend Bill and his same old rhetoric

I should have seen this coming. With the government growing at a break-neck pace and people starting to make some noise about it, the Left rolls out Bill Clinton with this same old rhetoric linking anyone who objects to the impoverishing of America through enormous government spending with the nutjobs who blew up the Federal building in Oklahoma City.

Former President Clinton on Sunday broadened his warning that Tea Party protesters could feed violence reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bombing, suggesting "right-wing media" and the blogosphere could be culpable for any future politically fueled extremism as well.

The former president, speaking on ABC's "This Week," elaborated on his controversial comments from Friday, when he drew parallels between the modern Tea Party movement and the anti-government rage of the mid-'90s that preceded the 1995 Oklahoma City attack that killed 168 people and injured hundreds more.

Clinton said Sunday that political dissent is necessary, but "demonization" of government is dangerous -- citing the uptick in threats made against members of Congress and other officials.

That bogeyman never gets old for Bill. As soon as the people start getting uppity, roll out the dire warnings about domestic terrorism and raise the specter of Oklahoma City sprinkled with commentary suggesting that "right wing talk shows" are fueling the flames. I lived through the early 90's and the rage against the government now is infinitely greater and infinitely more justified.

I guess it is OK when the media demonized President Bush and protesters compared him to Adolf Hitler. When the Left uses over the top rhetoric it is merely exercising free speech. When a conservative dares to speak up, it is hate speech that inspires others to violence. What is forgotten is that Tea Party protests have thus far been violence free. In fact the only violent demonstrations we see on a large scale are those that are put on by leftist-anarchists types (like anytime there is an economic conference, the leftist crackpots are out in force striking a blow for the little guy by throwing rocks through the windows of a Starbucks!). The reason Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and Fox News are thriving is that people are tired of the one-sided rhetoric we have been fed by the "mainstream" media for decades. At least conservatives admit what they are and that they have a bias.
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