Friday, February 26, 2010

Boor in chief

Great editorial today from Peggy Noonan

The way the meeting was arranged, the president was the teacher, the lecturer. Arrayed before him were the bright if occasionally unruly students. He was keen to establish that it was his meeting—he decides who speaks next and who should wrap up, he decides what is and is not "a legitimate point." He was Mr. President, they were John and Lamar. He wielded a shiny pen like an anchorman eager to show depth and ease. He even said, "There was an imbalance in the opening statements because—I'm the president." Yowza. Grace shows strength, accommodation shows security. This showed—well, not strength. When Rep. Eric Cantor attempted to make a sharp point, the president took the camera off him by calling for his aides and conferring with them as Mr. Cantor spoke.

The president has entered a boorish phase.

That may capture who Mr. Obama is better than anything else I have read. He is a boor, arrogant and pompous. In many ways so am I, but I am not the President of the United States. Mr. Obama’s idea of “dialogue” is to lecture to those who fail to show him proper deference. He is a clever man and an excellent orator of prepared speeches but he carries himself like a Roman emperor and thinks of himself as one of the greatest minds of this era. He is revealed to be absolutely deaf to common sense. In spite of the enormous backlash against his policies, reinforced over and over again by the complete evaporation of his good will, election losses and plummeting poll numbers, Mr. Obama seems determined to press forward. It is reminiscent of the behavior President Bush was accused of regarding the liberation of Iraq. When it was W., it was stubbornness, inflexibility, being “out of touch”. When it is President Obama, his groupies in the media see him as principled and exhibiting strong leadership.

Noonan's essay really hits the mark in pointing out that for liberals (the self-appointed champions of the little guy) what they really think of the little guy, the common man is that he is too stupid to think for himself and needs a beneficent adult to tell them what to think, what to buy, how to live, where to live and above all to keep their mouths shut when their betters are speaking. The longer the Obama/Reid/Pelosi triad keeps covering their ears and talking down to the public, the more out of favor they will become. This fall is shaping up to be a blood bath for incumbents but instead of trying to fix their image, the Democrats (and many Republicans) are giving the crowd new pitchforks and torches.
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