Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Voting the right way covers a multitude of sins

Amidst the whole kerfuffle over Harry Reid's unfortunate choice of words came this gem from our President:

"For him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me, and for people to try to make hay out of that makes absolutely no sense," Obama said. "He apologized, recognizing that he didn't use appropriate language, but there was nothing mean-spirited in what he had to say and he's always been on the right side of the issues."

A guess you can say anything you like, no matter how racist, as long as you vote the right way. There has been little attention to the fact that as a mormon, Harry Reid belongs to a church that considers black skin to be the curse of Cain, the mark God put on him in Genesis 4:15. Until fairly recently blacks were officially discriminated against by the mormon church and the man their main university is named after, Brigham Young, declared interracial relations a sin worthy of being killed for. Little wonder Harry Reid is so disdainful of "negro talk".
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