Thursday, December 17, 2009

Your government at work part 1

Q. What do you do when your economy is in the toilet and you are up past your eyeballs in debt?

A. Join a fund with other “developed” nations to provide $100 billion to combat “climate change”!

From the news this morning....

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton on Thursday proposed that major economies including the U.S. come up with $100 billion a year over the next decade for developing nations to fight climate change, an eleventh hour effort to break an impasse here on climate-change talks.

Someone needs to tell Mrs. Clinton that we are sitting on $12 trillion in debt already so piling more on top of that to combat something that is not only not proven but has been shown to be a carefully crafted ruse is not sound economics. It is more akin to political, economic and ultimately national suicide. We are hamstringing an already terribly weak economy with zero job growth (more about this later) by our debt so let's pile more on top of it.

Meanwhile, as China is badgering us to “do more” about "climate change", I read last night that they are building a 31 mile long sea-bridge at a cost of some untold billions of dollars. So I guess we should contribute more to a fake science while they contribute more to extravagant infrastructure projects. As they continue to buy up our debt and increase industrial capacity, we continue to make it harder and harder to succeed economically in America. This cannot go on indefinitely. In the long term we will eventually see the American military deterrent diminished and then who is going to stop China’s expansionist dreams? Who is going to defend Taiwan when China’s military catches up with ours and they hold our national debt?

Is anybody paying attention? “Climate change” is a sham, a farce. We are funneling transfer payments to developing nations that are going to do nothing to stop climate change, even if there was such a thing. No one can prove it is happening, no one is sure what causes it even if it is happening or what to do about it. This is money down the drain because you know that very little of it will escape the bureaucratic coffers of some “climate change” NGO. At the same time, the new regulations are going to cripple our economy while nations like China are booming. Climate change is the latest and so far best strategy for the goal of totalitarianism. Few things would make the far left in America and around the world happier than to see the U.S. toppled from her perch as the world’s only superpower.

I saw the truly alarming aspect of this whole issue today. I was just arguing about this with a co-worker and the problem is that it is very similar to discussing religion with someone who is not a believer. He thinks this is an issue of science when in fact it is an issue of economics and politics. Like abortion and other highly charged issues, the two sides are not arguing from the same perspective and that makes rational discussion hard to have. Let’s hope that the GOP can keep this stuff at bay long enough to make it to the 2010 elections.
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