Thursday, December 24, 2009

Um, thanks. I guess.

It is a Christmas tradition that everyone in our culture understands. The ubiquitous Christmas gift that no one wants. Ugly sweaters. Gaudy ties. Bath sets from Wal-Mart. Of course fruitcake. Gifts that are given that no one wants but are given out of obligation to give something. Often you would be better off not giving anything at all.

Now we have the granddaddy of gifts that no one wants but is given anyway: Obamacare. The American people don't want it. It was passed with votes that were openly sold by Ben Nelson. There is no way to pay for it and it is going to bust the budget in spite of the open lies from Obama. The big difference is that with an ugly gift, you didn't pay for it and you can probably take it back to exchange it for something else. With Obamacare, it is a "gift" that you don't want but you have to pay for anyway. Kind of like someone stealing your credit card and ordering the mother of all fruitcakes with your money and then expecting you to be grateful. I hope we can keep the receipt on this monstrosity and take it back from where it came from after the 2010 elections.
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