Friday, November 6, 2009

Due prcoess, NOW style

The National Organization for (a very small group of) Women, or NOW, is demanding that Tom Cable, the coach of the Oakland Raiders, be suspended pending an investigation that he abuses women. Now, I find the allegations nauseating and if true are both criminal and cowardly. But before the screech owls at NOW get their pitchforks and torches, there are a couple of issues. One, Tom Cable is not charged with any crime and last time I checked that means he is "innocent until proven guilty". Second, the older incident is one he has admitted to and is 20 years old. Doesn't make it right but it also doesn't make it a suspendable offense. Third, the recent incident has already been investigated by the police and Cable at that time was cleared of wrongdoing:

Cable has acknowledged striking Sandy Cable with an open hand more than 20 years ago and said it was the only time he’s ever touched a woman inappropriately. Marie Lutz accused Cable of assaulting her as recently as last January, but Cable said previously he was cleared by police of any wrongdoing in that case.

“I take the accusations very seriously,” (NOW president Terry) O’Neill said. “What you have is a man who seems to be a person who habitually uses violence to get what he wants. That’s what batterers do.”

I guess that NOW thinks that it should take over as the chief investigative body for any crimes against women. I would like to point out to Terry that one incident 20 years ago is hardly grounds for charges that he "habitually". I would hazard that NOW is opening itself up to charges of libel and slander here. Tom Cable beat up an assistant recently and admits hitting a woman two decades ago, so he has issues. Let's let the legal system work here and refrain from knee-jerk suspensions.

Domestic violence is a serious issue and the charges here are serious. All NOW is doing is looking vindictive by trying to convict a man outside of the due process of the legal system. NOW should spend more time pondering the damage that the feminist movement they peddle has done to the women and families of this country and less on what one man allegedly did in order to score publicity points for their ever more irrelevant organization.
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