Monday, October 26, 2009

What exactly is the priority?

I am not sure what the Obama administration has for its priorities. They certainly are not the priorities of sane Americans across this country. What the administration seems mostly interested in is finding new ways to expand the size and scope of the government, exhibitions of false humility over winning the Nobel Peace Prize and demonizing Fox News for daring to have the temerity to report the news without getting it scrubbed by the Maoist White House Communications Director.

Meanwhile, we have had one of the worst months ever in Afghanistan for troop casualties. It must be comforting to be in harm’s way in Afghanistan with constant news reports of how little attention the war effort garners from Obama. Things are definitely getting more unstable and we are months away from getting a decision to make a decision about what to consider doing. The economy is in the toilet, unemployment is going to hit double digits any day now and the real unemployment number is certainly far higher than 10%. Terrorist nations are making fun of America, toying with us like a fat old man too obese to get off the couch. The world's second tier powers like China and Russia are eyeballing America and trying to decide who is going to replace the former sole superpower. The value of the dollar is plummeting, oil prices are rising, housing is still a mess. We are perhaps days away from getting a socialized medicine program crammed down our throats to be followed by a job killing bill on “cap and trade” to penalize production and sacrifice American jobs in order to appease enviro-nuts.

Yes, things are bad.

Yes, they are getting worse.

Yes, there is no end in sight.
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