Friday, October 16, 2009

Waking up European

If you think we aren't heading toward a European model of life, you are simply wrong. If you think that might not be a bad thing, you are delusional. Check out this quote from the Journa's Daniel Henninger:

When it was a vibrant garden of ideas, Europe gave the world more good things than one can count. Then it discovered the pleasures of the welfare state.

Old Europe now lives in a world of unpayable public pension obligations, weak job creation for its youngest workers, below-replacement birth rates, fat agricultural subsidies for farms dating to the Middle Ages, high taxes to pay for the public high-life, and history's most crucial proof of decay—the inability to finance one's armies. Only five of the 28 nations in NATO (the U.K., France, Turkey, Greece and Spain) achieve the minimum defense-spending benchmark of 2% of GDP.

Maybe the best two paragraph description of the woes of Europe I have ever read. Europe used to be the pinnacle of civilization. Now it is barely relevant.

Is this our future? That is the way we are headed. The Nobel Prize being awarded to Obama has really been a positive in that it exposes the European mindset and given us pause for thought about Europe’s softness, their attitude of stability and security over excellence and innovation. We are arriving at that point, where the masses have discovered that they can elect legislators who will, without hesitation, vote to transfer money from other people. The danger of democracy is that the masses will realize that it is far easier to elect someone to seize wealth from someone who is willing to work hard than it is to work hard yourself. American's who still believe in America are asleep. They may have fallen asleep Americans but they are going to wake up as Europeans.
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