Sunday, October 11, 2009

President Michael Scott

Last night President Obama was out mending fences with homosexual activists by promising to, at some point in the future, undo the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the military. Of course like everything else, he offers no specifics and no time-line, just a vague promise to "do something". So I guess they can give him some award for gay rights or something for promising to do something in the future. He can put it next to his Nobel Peace Prize.

You can feel the fear emanating from Iran and the Taliban at the thought of openly gay American soldiers coming at them. Marines don't scare us, Green Berets are nothing, pshaw on your Navy SEALS. But a bunch of openly gay soldiers swishing at us with rainbow pride bandannas tied jauntily to their M-16s? Now that terrifies us! Now I thought that the U.S. military was designed to protect America and her interests against the bad guys. Clearly the point of the U.S. military is to give political paybacks and be a social experiment.

Meanwhile the war in Afghanistan continues to founder without a lick of leadership. Everyone with half a brain knows that we either cut and run ("The official foreign policy slogan of the Democrat Party") or we need a "surge" to bring decisive force against the Taliban before they completely destabilize the country and eventually neighboring nuclear armed Pakistan. Obama is still considering his options, nine months into his administration. A decision is still weeks or months away. Iran is brazenly continuing to build its nuke program and we are rapidly approaching a date when Israel will do what we are too cowardly to do and knock out the Iranian facilities. I shudder to think of Obama and his cronies at the helm when that happens. As he has proven with Honduras where the U.S. is on the side of dictators and thugs against the Honduran people, Obama's foreign policy instincts are dangerously off target.

Let's see. Lots of empty talk. Indecisive. Completely off base instincts. Procrastination. Ridiculous apologies. Cherishing fake awards. I officially have decided that President Obama is the real life political equivalent of Michael Scott.

Is it 2012 yet?
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